Medical Exercise Training....Our Next Steps


What are the next steps for our new profession - Medical Exercise Training? Medical Exercise Training is growing rapidly, receiving greater recognition and moving closer to insurance reimbursement. With this growth and acceptance, we must step back and think carefully about our "Next Steps" to avoid the pitfalls made by some medical professionals. In this session, Dr. Mike discussed some of these next steps and concerns for the future of MET.

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AMES Residency 2023 is Starting Soon!!


The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) Residency 2023 starts April 20th. This is a one-year deep dive into all aspects of medical exercise training (MET). The AMES uses 3 learning components to provide you with the mastery and expertise to establish credibility with medical professionals and your clients.


The learning components include 1) AMES Client Management Sessions; 2) Professional Resources and 3) our 4-day onsite workshops. We will review each of these components in later blog posts. To learn more and register for the AMES Residency 2023 go to Early bird registration rates are available thru April 1st. 

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Congratulations to the 2022 AMES Residency Graduates

CONGRATULATIONS to our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) Residency 2022 graduates. This is our second class of graduates. The AMES residency is a year-long intensive deep dive into managing medical conditions using exercise. This AMES class started in March 2022 and concluded in January 2023. Each resident completed the 26 AMES Client Management Sessions, the 4-day AMES hands-on workshop as well as the presentation of a detailed MET client case study to their peers.


The 2022 AMES graduating class includes:
Adrian Fournier, MES-A - Toronto, ON
Jason Generose, MES-A - Pasadena, CA
Justin Hibbert, MES-A - Houston, TX
Wendy Larkin, MES-A - San Francisco, CA
Sheryl Oeferting, MES-A - Middletown Township, NJ
Alana Rushenberg, MES-A - Tulsa, OK
Kathleen Stone, MES-A - Hopkinton, MA

I would like to congratulate and thank each of our AMES residents for their commitment to the residency and their dedication to our new profession – “Medical Exercise...

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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Virtual Workshop - Day 2

The Advanced MES Virtual workshop starts in 4 days - October 20 - 23, 2022. Day 2 of the AMES will go deep into a number of areas. These areas require a much greater understanding for a medical exercise professional than a personal trainer.


Histology or the science of tissue healing and maintenance is now am important component for all medical exercise professionals. Also, a new and growing area for MedXPROs is neurology. Managing post rehab stroke, MS and Parkinson's clients, to name a few conditions, will continue to grow over the next 20 years.
Arthrokinematics, the science of joint movement is a must to understand for all MedXPROs working with total joint replacements and arthritis. And finally, "if you can train must document it and communicate what you did". Documentation/communication are the future of medical exercise training.
Histology, neurology, arthrokinematics, documentation and communication are next level MET skills and knowledge needed...

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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Virtual Workshop - Day 1

The Advanced MES Virtual workshop starts in a few days - October 20 - 23, 2022. The first day of the AMES will go deep into a number of areas. These areas require a much greater understanding for a medical exercise professional than a personal trainer.

As a medical exercise professional taking a medical history is not as simple as having the client complete a PARQ. Taking and understanding vital signs is a must to determine if the client is appropriate for exercise that day and possibly beyond. FOMs or functional outcome measures are essential in determining if the client is progressing and are understood by both medical and fitness professionals as indicators of client progress. Both manual muscle testing and goniometry are both necessary to communicate to medical professionals the status and progress of the client. These are all skills and knowledge every medical exercise professional must possess to build a strong practice.

None of this is designed to take the place of...

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Advanced Medical Exercise Training Case Studies

We will use case studies in the AMES workshop to present advanced techniques and concepts. Our AMES first case study looks at Mrs. Jacobs. A client referred following a left total hip replacement along with congestive heart failure, hypertension and patello-femoral syndrome (PFS). The first workshop session will review how to take a thorough medical history as a MES. Here's our first case study:
We will teach you how to take a detailed medical history rather using just the PAR-Q. The AMES workshop will give you the ability to identify and use:
1. Red Flags
2. Vital Signs
3. Functional Outcome Measures
4. Muscle Testing
5. Goniometry
6. Balance and Gait
These components are used to determine if the client is appropriate for exercise (should be referred back to physical or occupational therapy or a physician) as well as the basis for a safe and effective MET program. These MET skills are just a few of the more than 52 reviewed in the AMES...
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MET 101 eBook - Tip 1


Medical Exercise Training is the development of safe, effective, structured, protocol based exercise programming for clients with medical conditions. MET uses strength training, flexibility training, cardiovascular training, aquatic training, balance training, functional conditioning, lifestyle education and MET assessments to manage clients. MET does not provide any aspect of medical treatment or diagnostic services; nor should it be used to replace the services provided by a licensed medical professional (i.e. physical therapists, massage therapists, dieticians, athletic trainers, chiropractors, nurses and/or physicians). MET is based on the utilization of functional outcome measures (FOMs) to determine the effectiveness of the exercise program. The FOMs include:

 FOMs are universally understood by both the medical community and fitness industry and are easily used to determine the improvement in the client's overall level of function. The use of FOMs by medical exercise...

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52 Essential Medical Exercise Training Skills.....How Good are You?


There are 52 essential skills every medical exercise professional (MedXPRO) must be competent and confident in performing. Below you will see a list of skills as well as a link to complete our MedXPRO Skills Checklist. Please when completing this checklist, consider as you provide your level of proficiency with each skill, "would your performance of the skill, if reviewed by a licensed medical professional, fall within the 4 grading categories we provide:

Level 1 - Never performed: You have never performed the stated task and have no experience with this type of skill.

Level 2 - Familiar with: You are familiar with the stated task; but you would need more experience and practice to feel comfortable and proficient in this type of skill.

Level 3 - Experienced in: You have performed the task several times, you feel moderately comfortable functioning independently, but would require a resource person nearby.

Level 4 - You have performed this task frequently; you feel comfortable and...

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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop is Back!


The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop October 20 - 23 is SOLD OUT!! But now you have the option to attend the workshop VIRTUALLY. You can avoid the hassle of travel, the high gas prices and hotel rates by clicking the below link and registering now. You can learn all the advanced MET skills from the comfort of our own home or studio.

Register and get full access to the 4-day AMES workshop via LIVESTREAM!! The VIRTUAL Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop gives you the skills to produce the client outcomes you need to build your credibility and your reputation with medical professionals and clients.

The AMES Workshop is the most comprehensive and detailed training for medical exercise and medical fitness professionals anywhere. This workshop will show you how to apply the advanced MET skills you need to be successful. We will review the 52 essential MET skills:

To register go to . Only 10 seats are available!!

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MET Assessment of the Hip


The MET Assessment Series continues Sunday, September 18th @ 10am ET with the hip. Learn to perform a medical exercise assessment of the hip using goniometric techniques, muscle testing and some special testing procedures. This workshop is not designed to diagnose nor treat any condition. You will learn to thoroughly assess the MET client to determine if he or she is appropriate for MET and develop an effective exercise program. Go to for registration and details.

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