MET 101 eBook Tip 19 - Embracing the Scope and Efficacy of MET


Embracing the Scope and Efficacy of Medical Exercise Training

In the latest installment of our Medical Exercise Training (MET) 101 eBook series, "MET 101 Tip 19” provides a summary of the number of MET sessions per week for a few of the most common medical conditions. The video not only underscores the importance of MET but also emphasizes its strategic role in achieving optimal functional levels in clients.

Understanding the MET Framework

Medical Exercise Training is a specialized exercise service designed not as a perpetual intervention but as a temporary measure to enhance a client's functional capacity. The ultimate goal is transitioning clients back to personal or group exercise routines under professional supervision, once they have achieved their optimal level of function.

Guidelines for Session Frequency

 Arthritic Clients: The journey begins with 1-2 sessions per week, focusing on enhancing strength and flexibility, with adjustments made in increased frequency...

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Medical Exercise Specialist....When Can You Begin Working with Surgical Clients?


In "MET 101 Ebook Tip 16," the focus shifts to the evolving landscape of medical exercise training, particularly in the context of post-surgical care. This video highlights the increasing necessity for fitness and medical exercise professionals to work closely with clients after surgery, a trend driven by changes in health insurance reimbursement policies. Dr. Mike emphasizes the critical importance of obtaining medical clearance from the operating physician before initiating any exercise program with a post-surgical client. This installment of the MET 101 series sheds light on the procedural and ethical considerations involved in transitioning clients from surgical recovery to physical therapy and eventually to medical exercise training.

Key insights from the video include:

Necessity for Medical Clearance: Before starting physical therapy or medical exercise training, obtaining clearance from the client's surgeon, family physician, or physical therapist is essential.

Timing for...

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Medical Exercise Training Includes Connective Tissue - MET 101 Tip 8


This is "MET 101 Ebook Tip 8," Dr. Mike delves into the critical role of strength training within the broader context of medical exercise training (MET). This post highlights the key points discussed in the video, offering valuable insights for both fitness professionals and individuals interested in enhancing their wellness through exercise.

Key Points from MET 101 Tip 8:

Integration of Strength Training: Dr. Mike emphasizes that strength training, while vital, is just one component of MET. It should be integrated with other functional components like proprioception, power, stability, and endurance for a holistic approach.

Clinical Anatomy and Pathology: The understanding clinical anatomy and pathology in developing conditioning programs for clients with medical conditions IS CRITICAL. Dr. Mike outlines the three levels of anatomy, stressing the application of pathology to basic gross anatomy.

Personal Anecdotes: The video includes personal stories, such as Dr. Mike's friendship...

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