The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop is HERE!!

As healthcare continues evolving, so does the demand for medical exercise professionals with advanced skills and knowledge. Recognizing this crucial need, we are thrilled to introduce the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Onsite (AMESO) workshop – a transformative 2.5-day onsite program designed to catapult your expertise and practice to the forefront of the medical exercise field. 

Why AMESO? The AMESO workshop is meticulously crafted for medical exercise and fitness professionals like you, aiming to deepen your competencies in managing chronic medical conditions through exercise. This hands-on workshop directly responds to the growing demand for highly skilled medical exercise professionals capable of delivering exceptional care to an aging population. 


What Sets AMESO Apart? 

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive into advanced assessment techniques for all body regions and joints, complemented by hands-on learning experiences. 
  • Exclusive Access: Immediate online access to the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series and MES Masters training series, enhancing your learning journey with detailed modules and videos. 
  • Elite Networking: Join our MedXPRO Network, connecting you with a community of advanced medical exercise professionals. 

Workshop Highlights: 

  • Medical History & Vital Signs: Master the art of medical history interviewing and vital sign monitoring. 
  • Assessment Mastery: Gain proficiency in Muscle Testing, Goniometry, Gait Analysis, Balance Assessment, and Functional Assessment Scales. 
  • Client Management Protocols: Learn to develop and implement effective management protocols through case study applications. 

Limited Enrollment for Personalized Learning: To ensure an intimate and focused learning environment, each AMES workshop is limited to just 10 participants. This setting guarantees personalized attention and clarity in applying the advanced techniques you will learn. 

Upcoming AMES Workshop Dates: 

  • April 26 - 28, Houston, TX
  • May 17-19, Washington, DC 
  • June 21 - 23, New York, NY 

Seize this opportunity to enhance your capabilities, distinguish your practice, and meet the complex needs of your clients with the most current and effective medical exercise strategies. 

Register now to secure your spot in the AMES workshop and take a significant leap forward in your medical exercise career. 

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