10 Reasons to Get the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Manual


The Medical Exercise Training Institute is happy to announce the release of the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Manual (AMES Manual), the ultimate solution for medical exercise training (MET) professionals who often find themselves as the "Lone Ranger" managing complex exercise clients with little support and few resources tailored to their needs.


The challenges of addressing the unique requirements of MET clients are significant, and without comprehensive guidelines and protocols, achieving effective, evidence-based outcomes can be daunting. The AMES Manual fills this critical gap by offering a wealth of easy-to-reference, detailed information designed to streamline your practice and enhance your professionalism. Empower yourself with proven systems and standards that ensure you are never alone in delivering exceptional MET services. Here are the “Top 10 Reasons” to purchase the AMES Manual.


  1. MET is Growing & Here to Stay
    • Join a thriving and sustainable field with a bright future. MET is here to stay!
  2. It's Evidence-Based and Supported by 30 Years of Practice
    • Trust in a manual backed by three decades of hands-on experience and client observation.
  3. Sets Professional Standards and Guidelines for MET Services
    • Establish yourself as a leader in the field with clear professional standards and guidelines.
  4. Easy to Reference MET Guidelines, Protocols, and Procedures
    • Quickly access comprehensive guidelines and protocols designed for medical exercise training.
  5. Step-by-Step Assessment and Exercise Progression Guidelines
    • Follow precise MET assessment and exercise progression protocols to ensure optimal client outcomes.
  6. Outlines Systems to Produce Faster and Easier Functional Outcomes
    • Implement proven systems that streamline your practice and deliver quicker, better results as well as communication with medical professionals. 
  7. Takes the Guesswork Out of Exercise Application to Medical Conditions
    • Apply exercises with competence and confidence, knowing each step is meticulously designed for specific medical conditions.
  8. It's Easy for the Technology Challenged
    • User-friendly design ensures ease of use, even for those less tech-savvy.
  9. The MET Client is More Complicated, Requiring Detailed MET Resources
    • Address the complexities of your MET clients with detailed, specialized resources.
  10. Eliminates the Use of Dr. Google and Resources for Medical Professionals
    • Rely on authoritative information, eliminating the need for unreliable online searches.


Investing in the AMES Manual is a crucial step to enhancing your professionalism and strengthening your practice. With the field of MET growing and here to stay, this evidence-based manual, supported by 30 years of practice, sets professional standards and provides easy-to-reference guidelines, protocols, and procedures. It takes the guesswork out of exercise application for medical conditions and offers step-by-step assessment and progression guidelines.


Whether you are technology-challenged or dealing with complex MET clients, this manual equips you with detailed, specialized resources. Eliminate the need for unreliable online searches and rely on authoritative information to produce faster and better functional outcomes. Take the next step in your professional journey and purchase the AMES Manual today at www.AMESManual.com or use the link below.


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