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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series

The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series (AMEST) is for the medical exercise or post-rehab professional with at least 2 years experience working with clients with chronic medical conditions. The AMEST will take your medical exercise skills and practice management ability to the next level, this allows you to communicate better with medical professionals, market to and reach more clients, produce faster and better outcomes with your clients as well as grow your practice income and profits.

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METI Mission Statement

To "Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness" by providing forums to educate fitness professionals to work cooperatively with medical professionals to develop safe and effective fitness and conditioning programs for clients with musculoskeletal, neurological, metabolic, and cardiovascular conditions. The effectiveness of these fitness programs is based on functional outcome measures universally understood by medical professionals, fitness professionals, and insurance carriers. The goal is to make medical exercise training the next logical step for clients and medical professionals after discharge from physical therapy, chiropractic, and medical care.


Welcome to the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series (AMEST) — a comprehensive exploration of the advanced skills and knowledge essential for today's medical exercise and fitness professionals. As healthcare undergoes rapid changes, the demand for highly educated medical exercise specialists has never been greater. Since the inception of the Medical Exercise Training Institute's first workshop in 1994, the landscape has evolved significantly. Clients leaving physical therapy today have more complex conditions, having received fewer services due to insurance cuts. This shift underscores the need for medical exercise professionals with superior skills, understanding, and knowledge to effectively manage these intricate cases.


Our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series is tailored to equip you with the additional expertise and critical thinking abilities necessary to design safe and effective exercise programs for clients facing multiple comorbidities. This series surpasses the scope of personal training and elevates beyond the standard medical exercise specialist training. It is indispensable for those committed to MET as their primary career focus. AMEST is the crucial next step for those looking to master the art of training clients with medical conditions and collaboration with healthcare professionals.


The medical exercise field is poised for significant growth in the 2020s and 2030s, with an increasing demand for professionals skilled in handling complex medical conditions. Are you prepared to meet the rising challenges and take advantage of the burgeoning opportunities in this dynamic field?


The AMEST series has 22 intensive client management modules that provide an immersive experience in Medical Exercise Training (MET). It provides a deep understanding of how to effectively tailor exercise programs for various medical conditions. The curriculum focuses on the most advanced skills and techniques required to manage increasingly complex client cases.


Navigate the complexities of managing clients with challenging medical conditions effortlessly with the AMES Training Series. Whether you’re uncertain about developing effective exercise programs, establishing credibility with physicians and therapists, or managing the intricacies of your growing practice, the AMEST has you covered. With more than 30 years of experience condensed into this series, you gain unparalleled insights into managing clients with challenging medical conditions. The program not only addresses your concerns but provides a platform for ongoing support through live MES Masters sessions, allowing you to seek guidance on your own clients. Join us to acquire the knowledge, skills and systems needed for success as a recognized and prosperous medical exercise professional in your community.

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AMES Primary Components

The AMES Training Series is designed for professionals focused on MET their primary revenue source, emphasizing career commitment over occasional client engagements. Our self-paced online offering condenses the best of the former AMES Residency, allowing you a year to complete and become an Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist. Gain access to the MES Masters series, the AMES Client Management modules, and AMES Professional Resources. These are invaluable for your continued learning and application of the concepts acquired in the AMES Training Series. Elevate your career, enhance your skills, and become a leader in the evolving field of medical exercise. There are 3 primary educational components with the AMEST.

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3 AMEST Components

1. AMES Client Management Modules: Unlock the Pinnacle of Expertise

The AMES Client Management Modules are an unparalleled educational experience designed to catapult medical exercise professionals to the top of their expertise. Dive into advanced topics that redefine the standards of proficiency, including the meticulous MET assessment processes, comprehensive muscle testing techniques, precise goniometric measurements, and specialized testing procedures. Uncover the intricacies of the scope of practice and ethical guidelines, gaining a profound understanding of the management of clients navigating complex medical conditions. These modules go beyond conventional training, empowering you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape of medical exercise confidently.

2. AMES Professional Resources: Your Gateway to Continuous Growth

Access a treasure trove of resources that extends far beyond the completion of the training series with AMEST Professional Resources. Immerse yourself in the assessment video library, an invaluable collection providing step-by-step guidance on executing measurements and tests with precision. Elevate your skill set and expand your knowledge base while engaging with the MES online community—an interactive platform that connects you with fellow AMEST participants. Foster a collaborative learning environment, exchange insights, and stay abreast of the latest industry trends. These resources are not just tools; they are your ongoing support system for continuous growth and excellence in the field of medical exercise.

3. MES Masters Live Webinar Series: Learn from the Best MedXPROs

Experience the pinnacle of learning with the MES Masters Live Webinar Series, a bi-monthly meeting with Dr. Michael Jones, the primary presenter. Immerse yourself in live webinars held every other Thursday, where Dr. Jones guides you through the practical application of medical exercise training skills and procedures. Picture this series as an exclusive opportunity to observe seasoned professionals in action, gaining unparalleled insights into their techniques. Grasp not only the "how" but also the "why" behind their approaches. The MES Masters Live Webinar Series is your backstage pass to the expertise of Dr. Jones and other experienced medical exercise professionals—a crucial step in refining your skills and mastering the art of medical exercise training. Step into a dynamic learning environment that transcends traditional education, empowering you to excel in your medical exercise career.

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Who Should Enroll?

If you have a strong belief in the power of exercise to improve health and are committed to staying abreast of the latest research in medical exercise, the AMEST is tailor-made for you. It's designed for graduates of METI’s Medical Exercise Program Director, Medical Exercise Specialist, Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist programs, as well as for corrective exercise specialists, massage therapists, PTAs, OTAs, strength coaches, kinesiologists, and other medical exercise/medical fitness professionals. This intensive program will catapult your expertise to a new pinnacle.


Graduates of the AMES program are formally recognized as an “Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist”, distinguishing them as experts with advanced skills and knowledge in medical exercise training. This credential opens doors to diverse career opportunities, including facility management, private studio ownership, work in rehabilitation centers, corporate fitness, sports medicine facilities, and more.

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AMEST Benefits

The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series offers large-scale BENEFITS designed to significantly enhance your proficiency and confidence in the field of Medical Exercise Training (MET). Here's a summary of these dynamic advantages:

  • Mastery of Advanced Assessment Skills: Gain proficiency in sophisticated assessment techniques and guidelines, essential for tailoring exercise programs to individual medical conditions.
  • Strategic Exercise Application: Acquire a nuanced understanding of optimal exercise timing and techniques, ensuring effective and safe training sessions.
  • Client Progress and Referral Expertise: Learn to discern key indicators of client progress and understand when to refer clients with medical conditions, optimizing client outcomes.
  • Enhanced Revenue and Referral Networks: Utilize MET practice management systems to boost both your income and client referrals, expanding your professional reach.
  • Expert Client Management: Develop expertise in handling the most challenging MET clients, streamlining client management with advanced assessment and exercise techniques.
  • Confidence in MET Practice: Eliminate any hesitation or doubts in working with MET clients, fostering a more confident and assured approach.
  • Effective Communication with Medical Professionals: Cultivate the ability to communicate seamlessly with medical professionals, enhancing collaboration, client care and outcomes.
  • Proficient Documentation and Reporting: Learn to meticulously write and send reports to medical providers and document MET sessions, maintaining high professional standards.
  • Mastery of Exercise Intensity: Master the art of consistently applying the appropriate exercise intensity for diverse medical conditions, ensuring client safety and progress.
  • Functional Outcome Measurement: Easily identify and interpret functional outcome measures to accurately track, evaluate and report client progress.
  • Goal Setting Skills: Effectively develop and adjust short-term and long-term goals for your MET clients, aligning with their individual needs and progress.
  • Red Flag Identification: Learn to recognize critical red flags and know when to refer clients to medical professionals, prioritizing client safety.
  • Client Attraction and Promotion: Confidently identify and seize opportunities to attract new MET clients and referrals, expanding your client base.
  • Social Media Proficiency: Understand the strategic use of social media to promote your outcomes and services, enhancing your online presence and reach.
  • Practice Management Profiency: Install and implement practice management systems to efficiently expand and grow your team and services.

Through the AMEST workshop, you'll not only gain a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of medical exercise training but also acquire invaluable skills to manage complex cases, communicate effectively with healthcare professionals, and grow your practice. This transformational program is a steppingstone to becoming a distinguished leader in the field of Medical Exercise Training.

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What's in the AMEST Client Management?

The AMEST includes 22 Clinical Management (CMS) modules with detailed information on MET topic including step-by-step assessment procedures, exercise techniques and progressions, extensive clinical anatomy and pathology, with links to the supplemental videos clearly outlining each procedure and skill. Here are some of the topics covered in AMEST CMS modules:

  • Introduction to Advanced Medical Exercise Training and the Future of MET
  • Medical Exercise Training – “The New Healthcare Modality”
  • Role, Scope & Phases of Services for the Medical Exercise Specialist
  • MET 6 Point Client Management System
  • MES Success Stories
  • Connective Tissue for Medical Exercise Professionals
  • Medical History and Red Flag Assessment in MET
  • Medical Exercise Training Practice Management Systems
  • Medical Exercise Training Skills Checklist & Review
  • 7 Keys to Developing to Profitable MET Practice
  • Functional Outcome Measures in Medical Exercise Training
  • Medical Exercise Training Assessment Guidelines Summary
  • Medical Exercise Assessment & Exercise Management Correlations
  • Medical Exercise Training Documentation & Communication System
  • Understanding the Human Developmental Sequence in MET
  • Medical Exercise Training Goniometry and Range of Motion Procedures
  • Medical Exercise Training Muscle Testing System & Postural Imbalances
  • Medical Exercise Training Assessment Special Testing Procedures
  • Functional Assessment Scales in Medical Exercise Training
  • Medical Exercise Training Gait & Balance Assessment System
  • Medical Exercise Training Shoulder Regional/Functional Assessment & Exercise Protocol System
  • Medical Exercise Training Elbow Regional/Functional Assessment & Exercise Protocol System
  • Medical Exercise Training C-Spine Regional/Functional Assessment & Exercise Protocol System
  • Medical Exercise Training L-Spine Regional/Functional Assessment & Exercise Protocol System
  • Medical Exercise Training Hip Regional/Functional Assessment & Exercise Protocol System
  • Medical Exercise Training Knee Regional/Functional Assessment & Exercise Protocol System
  • Medical Exercise Training Ankle Regional/Functional Assessment & Exercise Protocol System
  • Spinal Stability Assessment Training System & Scoliosis Management
  • Medical Exercise Training Neurological Assessment & Exercise Management System
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Training in Medical Exercise Training
  • Marketing for Medical Exercise Training Practices
  • Developing Medical Referral Relationships for Medical Exercise Professionals
  • Insurance Reimbursement & Training Compliance in Medical Exercise Training
  • Future Topics in Medical Exercise Training

AMEST Skills Learning

METI has identified the 52 essential medical exercise training (MET) skills. These are the skills necessary to effectively assess, manage, train, document, and report MET client outcomes. The AMEST teaches these skills. 

We teach the MET skills component at a "clinical" level, which is a notch above the "fitness" level. Essential MET skills reviewed in the AMEST Workshop include:

  1. Blood Pressure/Vital Signs Assessment
  2. Blood Glucose Assessment
  3. Shoulder ROM Goniometry Assessment
  4. Shoulder Muscle Strength Assessment
  5. Functional Shoulder Strength Scale Assessment
  6. Tinetti Balance/Gait Assessment
  7. Medical History Interview Assessment
  8. Medical Exercise Short- and Long-Term Goal Assessment
  9. Postural & Muscular Imbalance Assessment
  10. Hip ROM Goniometry Assessment
  11. Hip Muscle Strength Assessment
  12. Hip Harris Hip Scale Functional Assessment
  13. Knee ROM Goniometry Assessment
  14. Knee Muscle Strength Assessment
  15. Knee Lysholm’s Functional Assessment
  16. Musculoskeletal Screening Assessment
  17. Job Site Analysis Assessment
  18. Client Condition Anatomy/Pathology Assessment
  19. Elbow/Wrist/Hand ROM Goniometry Assessment
  20. Elbow/Wrist/Hand Muscle Strength Assessment
  21. Cardiovascular Assessment
  22. Medical Exercise/Post Rehab Exercise & Protocol Assessment
  23. Medical Exercise Progression/Intensity Assessment
  24. Progress Report Writing
  25. Functional Status Index Assessment
  26. Assessment Summary Report
  27. Medical Exercise/Post Rehab Red Flag Assessment
  28. Medical Exercise/Post Rehab Role Delineation
  29. Exercise Equipment Selection Assessment
  30. Risk Factor Assessment
  31. Par-Q Assessment
  32. Client Demoraphic Intake
  33. Regional Functional Scale Selection Assessment
  34. Pain Assessment
  35. Body Fat Assessment
  36. Client Cognitive Assessment
  37. Client Medication Assessment
  38. Ankle/Foot ROM Goniometry Assessment
  39. Ankle/Foot Muscle Strength Assessment
  40. Ankle Functional Strength Scale Assessment
  41. Cervical Spine ROM Goniometry Assessment
  42. Cervical Spine Muscle Strength Assessment
  43. Cervical Spine Oswestry Functional Scale Assessment
  44. Spinal Stability Assessment
  45. Lumbar Spine ROM Goniometry Assessment
  46. Lumbar Spine Muscle Strength Assessment
  47. Lumbar Spine Oswestry Functional Scale Assessment
  48. Medical Terminology Interpretation
  49. CPR/Basic First Aid
  50. Medical Exercise Referral Assessment
  51. Application of PNF Techniques

These essential MET skills are taught at a level that allows you to clearly understand the appropriate application of each skill and its performance at a clinical level. "Clinical level" means the results of the AMES assessment could be reproduced by a medical practitioner within a small margin of error. This enhances the credibility of the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist and their level of comfort with referrals.


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AMES eManual

The AMES eManual accompanies the AMEST. This is a digital manual which allows METI to update the publication to keep its content current. This allows AMESs to have the latest info at their disposal. The eManual has links to supplemental videos, forms, and other content to help you manage your clients. The videos demonstrate goniometry, muscle testing and special testing procedures used to assess and manage MET clients. The library of assessment videos is extensive and detailed. At this time of this publishing, the AMES eManual is 1223 pages.

Why Choose the AMES Training Series?

Choose the AMEST is you are interested in or looking for:

  • Career Changing Learning Experience: AMEST Offers an in-depth, comprehensive programs for medical exercise and post-rehab professionals with at least two years of experience. The comprehensive training is designed to elevate your skills in medical exercise training and practice management.
  • Stay Ahead in a Growing Field: The medical exercise sector is expanding rapidly. AMEST prepares you to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities in this dynamic field.
  • Advanced Skills and Knowledge: With 22 modules, resources and Masters webinars, AMEST provides deep insights into tailoring exercise programs for a variety of medical conditions, focusing on managing complex client cases.
  • Diverse Career Opportunities: Graduates are recognized as “Advanced Medical Exercise Specialists”, opening doors to a range of career paths into facility management, private studios, rehabilitation centers, corporate fitness, and sports medicine facilities.

The AMEST will improve your confidence and competence to manage your clients as well as develop close relationships with medical professionals. The marketing and practice management sessions will improve your referrals and the number of clients in your practice. The goal of the AMEST is to enhance your practice and help you produce better and faster outcomes for your clients.


Register NOW!!

Elevate your client management to new heights with the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series! Invest in expertise that transcends the ordinary, reshaping how you approach clients with medical conditions through the transformative art of exercise. Seize the opportunity now, register now to become a certified Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist!!

Usually priced modestly at $695!!  We have discounted the AMEST to $495 and added an AMEST Study Group. The AMEST isn't merely a training series — it's your portal to extraordinary possibilities. Uncover priceless skills and knowledge that surpass the ordinary, condensed from years of experience in rehab facilities and with diverse clients. Don't just register; embark on a journey to revolutionize client management, elevate your expertise, and lead the charge in healthcare innovation. The AMEST series is your ticket to a dynamic future—register today and redefine what's possible in the realm of medical exercise training!


AMEST & Study Group

1 Payment Option

  • 22 AMES Client Management Modules
  • Access to MES Masters Sessions
  • Access to AMES Professional Resources 
  • AMES Digital Manual (1223 pages)
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Advanced MET Skills Learning
  • Advanced MET Case Studies
  • Access to Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) Network
  • Leads to Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Certification
  • AMES Study Group Access (starts July 13th)

AMEST & Study Group

3 Payments of $165/month

  • 22 AMES Client Management Modules
  • Access to MES Masters Sessions
  • Access to AMES Professional Resources 
  • AMES Digital Manual (1223 pages)
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Advanced MET Skills Learning
  • Advanced MET Case Studies
  • Access to Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) Network
  • Leads to Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Certification
  • AMES Study Group Access (starts July 13th)

AMEST & Study Group

5 Payments of $99/month

  • 22 AMES Client Management Modules
  • Access to MES Masters Sessions
  • Access to AMES Professional Resources 
  • AMES Digital Manual (1223 pages)
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Advanced MET Skills Learning
  • Advanced MET Case Studies
  • Access to Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) Network
  • Leads to Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Certification
  • AMES Study Group Access (starts July 13th)

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