Medical Exercise Success - Day 22


Good morning Medical Exercise Specialists and welcome to Day 22 of "40 Days to Medical Exercise Success". Today we will discuss developing a network of non-medical referral sources. This is a concept which was shared with me by a close friend and Medical Exercise Specialist - David Gilks, MES, MEPD. David built a very strong MET practice in Nanaimo, BC - Core Essentials using this concept.

David's idea was to develop a network of non-medical vendors which sold products or services his clients would benefit from. David realized his clients were sought after by not only medical professionals but also vendors in his community. MET clients pay anywhere from $100+ per session to maintain or improve their health and function. David developed a network of natural food stores, alternative medicine providers, health/beauty shops, organic farmers, counselors and coaches in his community that could assist his clients reach their goals.

David developed this concept into a membership...

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 12


Welcome to Day 12 of “40 Days to Medical Exercise Success”. A major asset building your MET practice is to look at your current and recent past clients and determine their physician, therapist and/or chiropractor of record. If you have trained the client to any degree of a positive functional outcome, the client has mentioned you and their success to the medical professional. Those medical professionals you clients in common with are the first you approach when you start your practice. To subscribe to the “40 Days” video series subscribe to our blog below.

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 8


Day 8 of "40 Days to Medical Exercise Success". Obtaining a business bank account is important to growing your business. You need a place to put your millions!!  Establishing a merchant account to take a credit and debit cards online is a must. The business bank account is a requirement for a credit card merchant account.

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