Medical Exercise and Post Rehab - The Real Deal


Hello everyone!! I hope this blog post finds you and yours safe and healthy. Covid - 19 has certainly turned our lives upside down. We are now seeing and will see even greater shifts in both the healthcare industry and fitness industry. The shutdown of health clubs and the restrictions with hospital elective surgeries has major implications for revenue and the future of these two industries.


The shift in the fitness industry is toward medical exercise and post rehab fitness. This is great for fitness professionals. But we must be careful. We are seeing a proliferation of post rehab certification programs. This is good as a means of giving access to more fitness professionals to obtain the necessary training to work with chronic medical conditions. But there is also concern with the marketing of these certifications. Many ads for these certification programs are using terms which should not be part of the language of medical exercise or post rehab professionals. These terms...

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Medical Exercise Specialist Study Group is BACK!!


Hello everyone and welcome back. We've survived this first round of COVID and we are back with the MES Study Group (MESSG). The MESSG starts the evening of June 30th at 9pm ET/6pm PT. To register go to


We are in this together. Social justice is expected for every human on this planet. Peaceful protests are the right of every AMexican. Violence and rioting are not acceptable. Please point out social injustice when you see it. Remember Dr King's summary of Theodore Parker's quote:

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

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