The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop is Coming!!


Elevate Your Career with the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) Workshop

Join us for an immersive 2.5-day workshop designed exclusively for experienced medical exercise/fitness professionals eager to elevate their expertise. The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) Workshop is your gateway to mastering the art of managing chronic medical conditions through precise exercise programs. The AMES Workshop is the hands-on segment that compliments the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series


Why AMES Workshop?

As the demand for medical exercise training surges, the need for highly skilled professionals is more critical than ever. The AMES workshop is meticulously crafted to advance your capabilities, offering deep insights and hands-on experience in assessing and applying exercise techniques tailored to chronic conditions. This workshop sets the stage for you to become a leader in the medical exercise field, ready to meet the challenges of an evolving healthcare landscape.


Workshop Highlights:

In-depth Learning: Dive into advanced assessment techniques covering every region and joint in the body, enhancing your ability to manage diverse client needs.

Hands-on Experience: Complementing the advanced MES training video series, the workshop offers practical, hands-on learning opportunities to apply the techniques in real-world scenarios.

Exclusive Access: Workshop registration grants you access to the MES Masters training series and the MedXPRO Network, a community of advanced medical exercise professionals for ongoing support and learning.


Comprehensive Schedule:

Friday Evening: Start with the basics of medical history, vital signs, and functional outcome measures.

Saturday: A full day dedicated to assessment procedures including muscle testing, goniometry, and functional assessment scales, with practical applications in gait analysis and balance assessment.

Sunday: Focus on MET assessment applications, special testing, neuro assessment, and client management protocols, culminating in case study applications.


Unique Learning Opportunity:

Limited Enrollment: With only 10 spots available per workshop, you benefit from an intimate learning environment that ensures your questions and concerns are addressed thoroughly.

Ongoing Education: Your workshop registration includes continuous learning opportunities through our training series and access to an online community of professionals.


Tentative Workshop Dates and Locations:

Houston: April 19 - 21 

Washington, DC: May 17-19

NYC: June 21-23

Chicago: October 11-13

Orlando, FL: November 15-17



Email [email protected] to reserve a seat in a city near you.

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