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In the evolving landscape of fitness and healthcare, the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) Study Group, elevates your skills and knowledge to a higher level. This program, the evolution of the Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop and Certification initiated in 1994, aims to bridge the gap between medical rehabilitation and fitness training.

The Evolution of Medical Exercise

Originally, the Medical Exercise Specialist program focused on transitioning clients from physical therapy into fitness settings, enhancing their functional levels. However, changes in the healthcare system, including further insurance cutbacks and the COVID-19 pandemic, have increased the complexity of clients that fitness professionals encounter. These changes have necessitated an advanced approach to medical exercise training.

The AMES Study Group: A Comprehensive Training Series

The AMES Study Group is an extension of the AMES Training Series and AMES Workshop by offering a deeper dive into the nuances of medical exercise training through online sessions. Starting on July 13th, the study group will meet once a month via Zoom, providing live sessions where Jones will teach and review essential components of the program. The study group encompasses six sessions, each focusing on critical aspects of medical exercise training:

  1. Intake Process for Challenging Clients: This session addresses the increased need for detailed client information and thorough initial assessments.
  2. Assessment Process: Techniques for evaluating range of motion, muscle strength, and special tests to determine client suitability for medical exercise training.
  3. Gait and Balance Analysis: Detailed assessments to identify and address gait abnormalities and balance issues.
  4. Functional Assessment: Tools and techniques for improving clients' functional levels.
  5. Neurological Assessment: Strategies for working with clients with conditions like stroke, Parkinson's, and multiple sclerosis.
  6. Client Management Case Studies: Real-world examples and discussions on managing complex client cases, enhancing the practical application of the training.

Access to Extensive Resources

Participants in the AMES Study Group will gain access to the full suite of AMES components, including the 22 client management modules, professional resources, and the MES Master Series. The Master Series features webinars where medical exercise professionals worldwide present challenging cases and seek peer advice.

Special Offer and Future Prospects

Recognizing the current economic challenges, the AMES program is offering a discounted rate of $495 until July 1st, with flexible payment options. This initiative aims to equip more fitness professionals with the advanced skills necessary to meet the growing demands of medical exercise training.

By joining the AMES Study Group, professionals can enhance their ability to collaborate with healthcare providers, navigate insurance complexities, and elevate their practice to new heights. The program not only aims to improve client outcomes but also to foster leadership within the medical exercise community.

For more information and to register, visit Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series and take advantage of this limited-time offer.


The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Study Group is a vital resource for fitness professionals seeking to advance their skills and better serve their clients. With comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a focus on real-world application, the AMES program is set to significantly impact both the fitness and healthcare industries. Join the movement and become a leader in medical exercise today.


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