What is "Medical Clearance"?...MET 101 eBook Tip 14


"MET 101 Ebook - Tip 14," goes deeper into the critical aspect of liabilities and the importance of “medical clearance” in the field of medical exercise training. This installment of the series underscores the responsibility of medical exercise professionals in ensuring client safety and the appropriateness of exercise programs. The video delves into the role these professionals play, acting as the last line of defense in identifying red flags even in clients who have been medically cleared for exercise. Through practical advice and examples, the video provides a comprehensive overview of how to navigate these complex situations effectively.


Key insights from the video include:


Medical Clearance Necessity: Stresses the importance of obtaining medical clearance from a physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor before starting any exercise program.

Identifying Red Flags: Highlights the crucial role of medical exercise professionals in spotting red...

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Medical Exercise Training 101 eBook

The "MET101 eBook" is a detailed manual containing 101 tips for fitness professionals evolving into Medical Exercise Training (MET), crafted by Michael K. Jones, PhD, PT. This guide aims to integrate healthcare and fitness, providing a foundation for creating successful MET practices. It distinguishes MET from other fitness disciplines by concentrating on exercise programs for individuals recovering from medical treatments. The eBook encompasses a wide range of topics, from MET's fundamentals to the requisite skills for initiating a MET practice, making it vital for those looking to enhance patient care and build connections with the medical community.

1. Understanding MET and Its Scope:
 The focus on function in MET
 Types of MET clients
 Differences between MET services and physical therapy
 Explaining MET to clients
 Offering MET services in healthcare professional offices
 The comprehensive nature of MET beyond...

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