Medical Exercise Training.....11 Myths and Misconceptions - Part 1


Worldwide Medical Exercise Training (MET) is growing rapidly. There are several MET myths and misconceptions we must address as we move forward as a profession. In this post we will review 6 of the "11 Medical Exercise Training Myths and Misconceptions". Allow me to list and briefly discuss these first 6.

  1. Medical Professionals Recognize Fitness Certifications - most medical professionals have no idea of fitness certifications or their certifying bodies. For medical professionals, the bottom line within their profession is licensure and area of specialization. The lack of a standardized fitness education and specialization process is the major cause of lack of recognition and confusion within the medical community regarding fitness certifications.
  2. Doctors Dont Know Exercise and Won't Refer - this is another myth. Physicians definitley aren't well versed in exercise and its application. Frankly, medical school cirriculums don't have significant offerings in exercise. Some...
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