The Opera and Medical Exercise Training - Tip 11


In this MET 101 eBook Tip 11, Dr Mike uses opera to explain the complexity and depth of knowledge required in the medical exercise field.  


5 Key Highlights from MET 101 Tip 11: 


Introduction to Complex Medical Concepts: Dr. Mike emphasizes the importance of understanding medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, and pathology to navigate the healthcare field effectively. 

Scope of Practice for Medical Exercise Professionals: The video outlines the wide range of services that can be offered within the scope of practice, stressing the importance of not infringing on other professionals' scopes. 

Comprehensive Client Assessment: It highlights the need for a thorough assessment coupled with cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength training, along with functional conditioning and balance training, to aid clients in returning to their daily activities after therapy services have concluded. 

Lifestyle Education and Small Group...

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Corrective Exercise vs. Medical Exercise Training: MET 101 Tip 10


"MET 101 Ebook Tip 10," delves into the critical distinctions between medical exercise training and corrective exercise, highlighting the importance of each in the fitness industry. This video serves as an insightful guide, particularly focusing on the tenth tip or concept from the eBook on medical exercise training. This tip emphasizes the necessity of using exercise as a sole modality for managing medical conditions and the crucial role of collaboration with medical professionals.

Key points from the video include:

Corrective Exercise vs. Medical Exercise Training: Corrective exercise focuses on managing postural and muscular imbalances, while medical exercise training is designed for clients with medical conditions, utilizing exercise as the primary modality to restore function.

Importance of Medical Collaboration: For clients with a medical history, it's vital to work in conjunction with doctors, therapists, or chiropractors to ensure the exercise program addresses the...

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Role of Medical Exercise Training in Healthcare - MET 101 Tip 2


In the second tip of the Medical Exercise Training 101 e-book series, Dr. Mike, a physical therapist with over 30 years of experience, addresses a crucial aspect of Medical Exercise Training (MET) – its understanding and utilization by physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors.

Key Insights from MET 101 Tip 2:

  1. Understanding of MET by Healthcare Providers: Dr. Mike points out that most physicians may not fully understand the specifics of physical therapy or how to prescribe exercise effectively. This gap is attributed to the lack of exercise prescription education in standard medical school curricula. However, it is incumbent on the medical exercise professional to acknowledge to healthcare providers they are not physical therapists nor provide any aspect of therapy or medical services. MET is about utilizing exercise once therapy services have concluded or in conjunction.
  2. Roles in Healthcare: The video delineates the distinct roles of physicians, physical...
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Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop...Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend!!


The Medical Exercise Training Institute is excited to invite you to our 2-Day Medical Exercise Specialist On-Site Workshop in Houston on October 21st and 22nd. With 29 years of experience in this unique field, we are the original and most comprehensive training program dedicated to “Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness”. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should attend:


1**Practical Application:** This isn't just reading a book and taking a test. We provide hands-on training, ensuring you understand how to apply medical exercise techniques safely and effectively. 


2**Experience and Reach:** The Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) has been training professionals for nearly three decades, spanning six continents. 


3**Exercise is Medicine...but:** Learn how to properly apply exercise protocols and techniques for specific medical conditions, enhancing safety and functionality for your clients. 



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7 Steps to Building Your MET Practice


There are 7 steps necessary to build a medical exercise training or post-rehab practice in any setting. We have put these 7 steps into an eBook. Just click the image below. 




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AMES Residency 2023 is Starting Soon!!


The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) Residency 2023 starts April 20th. This is a one-year deep dive into all aspects of medical exercise training (MET). The AMES uses 3 learning components to provide you with the mastery and expertise to establish credibility with medical professionals and your clients.


The learning components include 1) AMES Client Management Sessions; 2) Professional Resources and 3) our 4-day onsite workshops. We will review each of these components in later blog posts. To learn more and register for the AMES Residency 2023 go to Early bird registration rates are available thru April 1st. 

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8 MET Documentation Guidelines


Medical Exercise Specialists now must document the exercises/activities which occur during a MET training session. MET documentation may be shared with physicians, therapists, and insurance carriers. There are 8 MET documentation guidelines every MedXPRO must follow. These MET documentation guidelines include:

  1. Accurately document session details
  2. Note exercises/activities & reactions
  3. Note sets, reps, intensity & duration
  4. Note any pre-exercise complaints
  5. Note ROM, strength, functional changes
  6. Use goniometric and strength measures
  7. Use FOMs to show progress
  8. Note recommendations for next session


There is no avoiding it, insurance reimbursement is coming, and with it necessary MET documentation. The MET Documentation & Communication workshop will review and explain MET documentation guidelines and systems in the course. MET DOC-COM begins Saturday, February 4th at 10 am ET. Register now at

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Who are the MES Masters.....How Can They Help Me?


The Medical Exercise Specialist Masters Training Series is a unique program in the fitness community. Medical exercise professionals from around the world will present their most challenging clients to the MES Masters group. Anyone can join the MES Masters, but the presenters are a unique and successful group of professionals.

So your question is, who are these, MES Masters? The MES Masters presenters include Medical Exercise Specialists, Post Rehab Conditioning Specialists, Medical Exercise Program Directors, Medical Exercise Specialists - Advanced, and medical professionals on continents around the world, who will share their most challenging clients. 

These MES Masters have built successful practices, established relationships with medical professionals, and produced outcomes for their clients. Or they are medical professionals who understand the importance of exercise in managing their patients. Many of these Masters have been part of the Medical Exercise Training...

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Medical Exercise Specialist Masters Training Series is Here!!


CALLING ALL MEDICAL EXERCISE PROFESSIONALS!! I know you're seeing more medical exercise training (MET) clients and receiving more referrals from medical professionals. All is well with your medical exercise training practice and you’re looking forward to building referral relationships in 2023. But many of your new MET clients are far more challenging than you expected. Let’s be honest, you aren’t fully prepared to manage and train some of these clients?

That's why we established the Medical Exercise Specialist Master's Training Series! The MES Master's Training Series starts January 5th, 2023. The Masters is designed to help you learn to better manage these complicated and challenging MET clients. The Masters will use a series of “medical exercise case studies”. The case studies are presented by medical exercise professionals (MedXPROs) and medical professionals from around the world. The MedXPRO will share their most challenging clients'...

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Personal Trainer to Medical Exercise Professional Transition...The Mindset


Medical Exercise Specialists, I know making the transition from personal training to medical exercise training is challenging. But you don.t have to terminate all your personal training clients. The transition is more a mindset than establishing a new client base. In this video we discuss the MET mindset necessary to build a successful and profitable MET practice. The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Virtual Workshop will help you make the transition. Go to for details and to register.

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