MET 101 Tip 17 - What Can a MES Bill to an Insurance Carrier?


In "MET 101 eBook Tip 17," Dr. Mike looks at the complex world of insurance billing for medical exercise training professionals, a topic that has gained significant attention over the years. Dr. Mike debunks some of the myths and lays out the realities of navigating insurance reimbursement using a MET Insurance Reimbursement criterion. This video is part of the "MET 101 eBook" series, where Dr. Mike shares his extensive experience and insights, drawing from his background of owning PT clinics, to help medical exercise professionals understand how to secure and retain insurance payments for their services.

Key points from the video include:

Evolution of Insurance Billing: Dr. Mike discusses the shift in insurance billing practices since 1994, highlighting the growing interest among medical exercise professionals in understanding how to bill insurance carriers.

The Reality of Insurance Billing: Emphasizes the critical importance of accurate billing and the potential for audits by...

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