Medical Exercise Training Includes Connective Tissue - MET 101 Tip 8


This is "MET 101 Ebook Tip 8," Dr. Mike delves into the critical role of strength training within the broader context of medical exercise training (MET). This post highlights the key points discussed in the video, offering valuable insights for both fitness professionals and individuals interested in enhancing their wellness through exercise.

Key Points from MET 101 Tip 8:

Integration of Strength Training: Dr. Mike emphasizes that strength training, while vital, is just one component of MET. It should be integrated with other functional components like proprioception, power, stability, and endurance for a holistic approach.

Clinical Anatomy and Pathology: The understanding clinical anatomy and pathology in developing conditioning programs for clients with medical conditions IS CRITICAL. Dr. Mike outlines the three levels of anatomy, stressing the application of pathology to basic gross anatomy.

Personal Anecdotes: The video includes personal stories, such as Dr. Mike's friendship with Mohamed Makkaway (Moe), an internationally renowned bodybuilder, a Medical Exercise Specialist (as well as an exceptional human being and friend), and discussions on various topics ranging from client challenges to world history.

Connective Tissue and Aging: Dr. Mike discusses how aging affects connective tissue, making it less flexible and resilient, which in turn affects the ability to tolerate intense strength training. He introduces Wolf's Law and its implications for connective tissue strength and resilience.

Importance of Professional Knowledge: The video underscores the necessity for personal trainers to have a deep understanding of the impact of exercise on connective tissue, especially for clients with medical conditions. Proper dosing of exercise and professional expertise are highlighted as crucial for effective MET.


In conclusion, "MET 101 Ebook Tip 8" provides a thorough exploration of the nuanced relationship between strength training and medical exercise training. Dr. Mike's insights into the importance of clinical anatomy, the effects of aging on connective tissue, and the need for a comprehensive approach to MET underscore the complexity of designing effective exercise programs for individuals with medical conditions. This video serves as a valuable resource for fitness professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in MET.


For those interested in diving deeper into the principles of Medical Exercise Training, be sure to visit to download your FREE copy of the MET 101 eBook. This resource is designed to further enrich your understanding and application of MET, offering practical tips and strategies for integrating strength training with other critical components of fitness and wellness.



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