Medical Exercise Specialist....When Can You Begin Working with Surgical Clients?


In "MET 101 Ebook Tip 16," the focus shifts to the evolving landscape of medical exercise training, particularly in the context of post-surgical care. This video highlights the increasing necessity for fitness and medical exercise professionals to work closely with clients after surgery, a trend driven by changes in health insurance reimbursement policies. Dr. Mike emphasizes the critical importance of obtaining medical clearance from the operating physician before initiating any exercise program with a post-surgical client. This installment of the MET 101 series sheds light on the procedural and ethical considerations involved in transitioning clients from surgical recovery to physical therapy and eventually to medical exercise training.

Key insights from the video include:

Necessity for Medical Clearance: Before starting physical therapy or medical exercise training, obtaining clearance from the client's surgeon, family physician, or physical therapist is essential.

Timing for Physical Therapy: The optimal period to begin physical therapy post-surgery is generally between 4 to 12 weeks, varying based on the type of surgery and the individual's recovery process.

Transition to Medical Exercise Training: Due to insurance limitations, clients may be discharged from physical therapy before fully restoring function, making medical exercise training a crucial next step.

Criteria for Exercise Readiness: Medical Exercise Specialists must rigorously assess clients to ensure they are ready for exercise, prioritizing the management of inflammation and wound care before exercise.

Professional and Ethical Considerations: The video underscores the importance of professional judgment and ethical responsibility in determining the best course of action for the client's health and recovery.

"MET 101 Ebook Tip 16" is an invaluable resource for medical exercise professionals navigating the complex journey of post-surgical recovery with their clients. Dr. Mike's expertise provides a comprehensive overview of the necessary steps and precautions to ensure a safe and effective transition from surgery to full recovery through medical exercise training. The video highlights the evolving role of medical exercise professionals in the broader healthcare landscape, emphasizing the need for collaboration, communication, and ethical practice. For those looking to deepen their understanding of medical exercise training and explore more topics related to this field, downloading the FREE MET 101 ebook at is highly recommended.


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