When I Complete the AMES Can I Provide Physical Therapy?


Recognition as a Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist does not allow you to provide any aspects of medical diagnostics, medical treatment or therapy services. The AMES is a fitness-based program and should not be confused with education for physical or occupational therapists. 

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How Long is the AMES Residency?


The AMES Residency is a 1-year deep immersion in medical exercise training. The residency begins on March 28, 2021 and concludes March 2022. You will learn a tremendous amount of MET applications, techniques, assessments, etc in AMES residency year. 

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AMES Client Management Session Dates/Times


The AMES client management sessions are the backbone of the residency and the largest learning component of the program. There are 26 client management sessions. The client management sessions are scheduled for Sunday mornings at 9am ET/8am CT/7am MT/6am PT. Each session is recorded and available within 2 hours within the AMES Professional Resources area. 

The client management sessions are listed below:

March 28th – 6 Point Client Management System

April 11th – Medical History and Red Flag Assessment

April 25th - Histology for Medical Exercise Training

May 9th - Functional Outcome Measures

May 23rd – MET Communication & Documentation System

June 6th – MET Goniometric Assessment System

June 20th – MET Manual Muscle Testing System

July 11th – MET Gait Analysis System

July 25th – MET Posture & Imbalance Assessment System

August 8th – MET Gait & Balance Training System

August 22nd – MET Neurological Assessment...

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Who Should Enroll in the AMES?


The AMES residency is designed for medical exercise professionals, kinesiologists, personal trainers, rehab assistants, massage therapists, etc. Also, currently enrolled MESs, PRCSs and MEPDs are eligible to enroll in the AMES.

There is a knowledge gap for those non-METI enrollees. Everything in the AMES is based on a foundation from the MES. If you are non-METI professional may register but you will only receive the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist recognition after completing the MES. 

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Are Payment Plans Available for the AMES?


There are payment plans available for all AMES residents. There is an added discount for METI/AAHFRP MES, PRCS and/or MEPD graduates. AMES payment plans are outlines below: 

Non - METI/AAHFRP Registrants




You may register for ONLY the AMES 4-Day Workshop. Payments plans are available. 


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What is a residency and why do I need the AMES?


A residency is usually part of the training for physicians. The residency is a period of advanced training upon graduation. This consists of a supervised practice of a specialty and instruction for more experienced specialists. The time period for residencies varies depending on the area of specialization. 

The AMES residency is designed to provide advanced training and an immersion in MET. This is a year long program. 

A residency is required to make sure specialists have the depth and proper training to practice their area of specialization. The AMES is the first METI. Its a very deep dive into the application of exercise for clients with medical conditions. 

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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency is Finally Here!!


Medical Exercise Specialists......the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency (AMES) is finally here!! MedXPROs take your MET skills, knowledge and practice to the next level with the AMES. This is a 1-year deep dive into medical exercise training including advanced assessments, exercise techniques, client/practice management or more. All the missing pieces you can now fill-in with the AMES. Go to www.AdvancedMedicalExerciseSpecialist.com for details, residence design and FAQs. We begin March 28th! #advancedmes

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METI - 2021 Update


Hello everyone!! This is our first blog post for 2021. I bet most of your are glad 2020 is gone and you welcome 2021 with hope and optimism. We have two new programs for 2021: 1) the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency (AMES); and 2) the Medical Exercise Training - Electronic Medical Records (MET-EMR) system. These two programs will have a very positive impact on MedXPROs worldwide. 

Look for more details on both of these programs later this week. Thanks for all your support. We look forward to seeing you in the AMES or using the MET-EMR. 

Stay safe!!

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Merry Christmas from METI


Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!! This is my favorite time of year. I wish you and yours all the best and a very Merry Christmas!!

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Medical Exercise Training.....The New Modality - Part 5


The Medical Exercise Training client is usually somewhere between 25 and 80 years of age. They have a chronic medical condition but they are "medically stable".  Their blood pressure, blood glucose, pain, swelling, etc are all managed to allow participation in a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise without exacerbation of their condition. The medical management is provided by physicians, therapists, chiropractors, nurses, etc using indicated medications or procedures. The MET client must be "medically stable" to begin exercise.  

The MET session should include some combination of strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, stability and functional training. Prior to beginning exercise the client should undergo a MET assessment including medical history and screening along with an appropriate regional assessment. The assessment allows the MedXPRO to identify residual functional deficits. These and other findings from the assessment are used to develop an...

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