Medical Exercise Training.....11 Myths and Misconceptions - Part 1


Worldwide Medical Exercise Training (MET) is growing rapidly. There are several MET myths and misconceptions we must address as we move forward as a profession. In this post we will review 6 of the "11 Medical Exercise Training Myths and Misconceptions". Allow me to list and briefly discuss these first 6.

  1. Medical Professionals Recognize Fitness Certifications - most medical professionals have no idea of fitness certifications or their certifying bodies. For medical professionals, the bottom line within their profession is licensure and area of specialization. The lack of a standardized fitness education and specialization process is the major cause of lack of recognition and confusion within the medical community regarding fitness certifications.
  2. Doctors Dont Know Exercise and Won't Refer - this is another myth. Physicians definitley aren't well versed in exercise and its application. Frankly, medical school cirriculums don't have significant offerings in exercise. Some physicans, including orthopedists, cardiologists and physiatrists, may have some basic knowledge of exercise. Regardless, they will refer if they understand how exercise will specifically impact their patient and the training program is clearly laid out. A major challenge for medical exercise professionals is the education of physicians to understand benefits of exercise and its applications.
  3. Medical Exercise Training is Basically Corrective Exercise - again another myth. Corrective exercise is based on the idea only postural or muscular imbalances cause pain. This is far from the truth. Most pain syndromes have a neurologic, organic or joint component associated with the postural/muscular imbalance. The joint, neuro or organic component are assessed and a medical professional establishes a diagnosis. Does the corrective exercise professional have to ability to review x-rays, CAT and MRI reports to accurately determine a diagnosis of a pain syndrome that may mimic shoulder pain but is actually a myocardial infarct? Medical exercise training goes into much greater depth with the understanding and exercise management of medical conditions. The medical exercise professional applies the appropriate exercise to the diagnosed condition in conjunction with or after medical services provided by medical professionals.
  4. I Don't Need to Speak with Medical Professionals - I get this one occasionally from personal trainers. If you are working with MET clients and/or you have received a referral from a medical professional, its MANDATORY and simply professional, to communicate either in a written or verbal form with the referring medical professional. This communication is essential for the growth of medical exercise training as a profession and to gain recognition from medical professionals.
  5. Medical Exercise Training Does the Same Thing as PT and Chiropractic - this one blows me away but I hear this one too. Let's make this simple. Stay in your lane. The physical therapist, chiorpractor, occupational therapist, massage therapist, physician and nurse all have unique roles in the management of chronic conditions. When you move out of the MET lane we risk violating state or provinical laws. The need for MET is expanding and may one day may outpace that of PT and chiropractic but let's stay in our lane. We offer a great service which positively impacts millions of people worldwide.
  6. Medical Exercise Training is Best Done in a Large Fitness Facility - Over the last 26 years teaching the MEST worldwide we have found overwhelming MET, is most effective in a small gym or studio setting and/or one-on-one in a client's home. Large fitness facilities, not all, seem to focus on numbers of memberships and enrolleees. MET requires the exact opposite approach.

These are only six of the "11 MET Myths & Misconceptions". Please share your thoughts on these with your comments below. Join us tomorrow for the final 5. Please subscribe to this blog to avoid missing any PostRehab tips or updates.

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