Medical Exercise Training 101 eBook

The "MET101 eBook" is a detailed manual containing 101 tips for fitness professionals evolving into Medical Exercise Training (MET), crafted by Michael K. Jones, PhD, PT. This guide aims to integrate healthcare and fitness, providing a foundation for creating successful MET practices. It distinguishes MET from other fitness disciplines by concentrating on exercise programs for individuals recovering from medical treatments. The eBook encompasses a wide range of topics, from MET's fundamentals to the requisite skills for initiating a MET practice, making it vital for those looking to enhance patient care and build connections with the medical community.

1. Understanding MET and Its Scope:
 The focus on function in MET
 Types of MET clients
 Differences between MET services and physical therapy
 Explaining MET to clients
 Offering MET services in healthcare professional offices
 The comprehensive nature of MET beyond strengthening
 Requirements for accessing a client's medical reports

2. Building Your MET Practice:
 Starting points for building an MET practice
 Program offerings in MET practice
 Specialization areas in MET
 Offering services in clients' homes
 Setting up MET in a physical therapist's office
 Hiring for MET programs
 Billing for MET services

3. Essential Skills and Professional Development:
 Skills needed before opening an MET practice.
 Essential MET skills
 Habits of successful MET professionals
 The importance of checking blood pressure

4. MET Criteria and Client Management:
 Understanding and applying MET criteria.
 Management of MET clients over time
 Discharging MET clients
 Packaging MET services for clients and medical professionals

5. Approaching Medical Professionals and Community Engagement:
 Services required by healthcare professionals.
 Promoting practice in the community to attract clients & referrals.
 Strategies for attracting MET clients.
 Transitioning from club trainer to MET practice builder.

6. Income Streams and Business Strategy:
 Identifying easy streams of income
 Exploring Medical Exercise Training Systems for practice enhancement

These categories outline the comprehensive approach of MET 101 towards building a successful and profitable MET practice, understanding, and applying MET criteria, skills necessary for opening an MET practice, managing MET clients, and strategies for engaging with medical professionals and the community.

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