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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Manual


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If you are a medical exercise/fitness professional the AMES Manual is a must for our library. Developed by Michael Jones, originator of the Medical Exercise Specialist Certification, this manual is the next step in your training to "Bridge the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness".

This manual provides step-by-step procedures, protocols, and guidelines for MET assessment techniques, exercise techniques, and administrative tasks every MedXPRO must master and demonstrate proficiency. The AMES Manual has 1200+ pages and gives diagrams, forms, flowcharts, illustrations and written content to "manage medical conditions using exercise".

The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Manual has:

  • 1223 pages
  • MET Assessment Guidelines
  • MET Training Protocols
  • Step-by-Step Procedures for Muscle Testing, Goniometry and Special Testing Procedures
  • Assessment and Exercise Management Grids
  • MET Assessment Checklists
  • Documentation Guidelines
  • Communication Guidelines
  • MET Administrative Forms
  • MET Client Management Guidelines for Diagrams
  • Vital Signs Procedures
  • Medical Exercise Ethics Principles
  • 6-Point MET Management System
  • MET Practice Management Systems
  • MET Neuro Training Guidelines
  • Balance Assessment Guidelines
  • Gait Analysis System Procedures
  • Gait/Balance Training System
  • Functional Outcome Measures Guidelines
  • Functional Assessment Scales Procedures and Reporting 

With the AMES Manual, all these guidelines, procedures, and more are at your fingertips. Instead of searching through textbooks and Google. For 30 years METI has provided reliable and trusted information and guidelines for MedXPROs around the world. Get the same with the AMES Manual. 

Purchase of the AMES Manual also provides immediate access to the MES Network's "Professional Resource" video library.  This is the operations guide for Medical Exercise Specialists building practices.