Why Does Medical Exercise Training Focus So Much on FUNCTION?


The majority of clients referred to medical exercise training (MET) are there due to “residual functional deficits”. As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, over the last 25 years the reimbursement for rehabilitation services has diminished. As a result physical therapy patients are discharged earlier. We saw trend starting in the early 1990’s. This prompted us to develop the “Medical Exercise Specialist” certification. Insurance reimbursement for physical therapy is now roughly half of what it was in the 90’s. With patients being discharged earlier, we estimate roughly 80% of those discharged from physical therapy have functional deficits and need a safe and effective exercise program to enhance their level of function at work, at home or with sports. FUNCTION is the driving factor for medical exercise training!

The function wheel above identifies the nine key elements of human function. These elements may be impaired as a result of injury, surgery or with the onset of many medical conditions. The conditioning program you develop as a Medical Exercise Specialist are crucial to the restoration to the client’s previous level of function prior to the injury, surgery or onset of the condition. Medical Exercise Training augments physical or occupational therapy and/or chiropractic care after discharge. 

Medical Exercise Training is all about function. It’s the reason the client comes to you. It's the reason the physician or therapist referred him or her. The game is now “Positive Functional Outcomes”. It’s not about if the client feels better….It’s only if they can FUNCTION BETTER! Can they go back to work? Can they perform household tasks? Can they play softball again? It’s ALL ABOUT THEIR FUNCTION!!! Focusing on FUNCTION is your job as a Medical Exercise Specialist. 

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