Role of Medical Exercise Training in Healthcare - MET 101 Tip 2


In the second tip of the Medical Exercise Training 101 e-book series, Dr. Mike, a physical therapist with over 30 years of experience, addresses a crucial aspect of Medical Exercise Training (MET) – its understanding and utilization by physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors.

Key Insights from MET 101 Tip 2:

  1. Understanding of MET by Healthcare Providers: Dr. Mike points out that most physicians may not fully understand the specifics of physical therapy or how to prescribe exercise effectively. This gap is attributed to the lack of exercise prescription education in standard medical school curricula. However, it is incumbent on the medical exercise professional to acknowledge to healthcare providers they are not physical therapists nor provide any aspect of therapy or medical services. MET is about utilizing exercise once therapy services have concluded or in conjunction.
  2. Roles in Healthcare: The video delineates the distinct roles of physicians, physical therapists, and medical exercise professionals. While physicians diagnose and treat diseases, physical therapists address dysfunctions associated with these diseases, and medical exercise professionals focus on ONLY the use of exercise to diminish the functional deficits associated with the condition(s).
  3. Educating Medical Professionals: There's a significant need for medical exercise professionals to educate physicians and other medical professionals about the benefits of MET and how to refer their patients for specifically MET services.
  4. Proactive Healthcare Approach: The video encourages clients to be proactive in their healthcare, highlighting the challenges healthcare providers face with paperwork and technology that can impact healthcare services.
  5. Staying Within Professional Boundaries: Medical exercise professionals are advised to focus on their expertise in exercise management for chronic diseases and NOT to encroach on therapy, diagnostic, or treatment services.

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