Personal Trainer vs Medical Exercise Specialist....which are you?


Let's continue outlining our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Virtual Workshop. We will use case studies to teach and apply the advanced MET skills and techniques taught in this course. We will start with Mrs. Jacobs' case study: 

The AMES will give you the ability to identify and use:

  • Red Flags
  • Vital Signs
  • Functional Outcome Measures
  • Muscle Testing
  • Goniometry
  • Balance and Gait

These components are used to determine if the client is appropriate for exercise (should be referred back to physical or occupational therapy or a physician) as well as the basis for a safe and effective MET program. These MET skills are just a few of the more than 52 reviewed in the AMES Virtual workshop. These skills will help you make the transition from personal trainer to Medical Exercise Specialist. Go to to register. Register now.....only a couple seats are left!

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