METI Certification Renewal Update


Hello everyone. I hope this feeds you safe and healthy. Covid 19 has certainly changed our world. I know it's had a huge impact on our medical exercise professionals. I know many of you have MET and post rehab certifications which are about to expire or have expired. We realize many of your are limited in your abiity to see clients you can see as well as access to PT and rehab facilities to perform observation hours. Follow the link below to renew your certification:


Click Here for Certification Renewal


With that in mind we have made some modifications to our renewal policy. We hope this makes it easier to renew and maintain your certifications. The changes include:

1. Only 5 hours of observation hours and your MET/post rehab related course work is required to renew;

2. Regardless as to when your certificate expired, you will only pay the $50 renewal fee. The reinstatement fee is waived until further notice. 

3. If you are unable to complete observation hours or course work, we will offer an Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist webinar series beginning the Fall of 2020. This is a live webinar series streamed from Medical Fitness Pros. You will Dr Mike and other staff membersassess, train and manage clients with medical conditions via livestream. You can ask questions and see exactly what we are doing with clients. This webinar series allows you to complete your observation hours and maintain renew your METI certification. 

We hope this changes will help you maintain our METI cerification. Covid will end at some point. We want our medical exercise professionals ready to meet the needs of their clients after this pandemic. We are all in this together....we will get through it together. 

Stay safe and healthy. 

 Dr Mike

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