Medical Exercise Success - Day 21


Medical Exercise Specialists it's day 21 of "40 Days to Medical Exercise Success". Yesterday we asked clients to share their reasons why they use your services. Or the functional solution you provided for them. Ask and note these in the client's own words. 

Today let's take those solutions and craft them into blog posts. Please don't use the client's name but you can say a "72 year old male with a total knee replacement" or a "59 year old grandmother with diabetes". This allows the reader of your blog to relate better, especially if they have the condition. Clients, searching the Internet for medical solutions, are only looking for what's in it for themselves. The closer the story is to their condition the more they will relate and inquire about your services.

Develop 10 blog posts with your clients' solutions. WIth each of these develop a short 1 - 2 minute video. Video is still king but a written blog post definitely helps with SEO. 

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