Medical Exercise Specialist - What is Your Most Important Skill?


Hey Medical Exercise Specialist! What is the most important skill you possess as a medical exercise profession? Is it your ability to come up with creative exercise programming? Is it your understanding of dozens of different methods to strengthen the bicep, the quadricep, or the hamstring? Is it your ability to use the foam roller? Is it your understanding of anatomy? Or is it your ability to perform a thorough and effective assessment of the medical exercise training client? Which one is it?


I've taught the Medical Exercise Specialists (MES) around the world since our first MES workshop in July 1994. This is our 28th year and we are seeing a change in the medical exercise training client. This is due to the reduction in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and chiropractic services. With clients receiving less rehab services, they now arrive at your medical exercise doorstep in need of more specific and challenging exercise management for their medical condition.


The MET client two years ago received 12 physical therapy sessions, now it's only six. The client coming out of the nursing home two or three years ago stayed 2 or 3 months, now the stay is only 2 weeks following a complicated hip replacement and a bout of pneumonia. Are you ready for her?


Here at the METI, we realize your most important skill as a MES is your ability to assess the client effectively and determine his or her functional deficits and where to begin training. To help our Medical Exercise Specialists, we developed the "Medical Exercise Training Assessment Skills Series” to help expand and sharpen your assessment skills.


The MET Assessment Skills Training Series (MASTS) includes seven webinars, which are all live streamed, go in-depth into medical exercise training assessment techniques for the shoulder, the elbow /wrist, cervical spine, lumbar spine, hip, knee, and ankle.


The MASTS series begins August 21st, which is a Sunday, at 10:00 am Eastern time, with the shoulder. We'll go deep into the MET assessment of the shoulder looking at how to take a detailed medical history. How to perform goniometric measurements of shoulder movements; how to perform manual muscle testing on each muscle in the shoulder; how to perform some special testing procedures at the shoulder; as well as how to document your assessment findings and pull them together into a effective and safe exercise program. In each MASTS will do the same for each joint highlighted during the session.


We will do this with each joint. You also receive a MET assessment form which we will customize with your business name and your contact information, so you can better communicate with doctors, therapists, and chiropractors and document your assessment findings. 


MASTS will use a live streaming format, so you may ask as many questions as you want while sitting in the comfort of your home or studio. We will record the session so you may review it as many times as you like.


You will also receive access to the MedXPRO Network where we have resources for medical exercise professionals like yourself.  These resources include step by step video demonstrations of goniometric measurements, manual muscle testing, special testing procedures and documentation guidelines of your assessment findings.


The MET Skills Assessment sessions are scheduled for Sunday mornings at 10am ET. The sessions are recorded so you won't miss anything. Here's what we'll cover in each session:


Individual MASTS sessions are $79 and includes the components above. If you want to learn to assess all the joints reviewed in the series, register now at the special rate of $400. Go to www.METAssessmentSeriescom to register and for more information

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