Medical Exercise Specialist - Medical History or PAR-Q??


Hello again Medical Exercise Specialists. Don't forget about our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Virtual Workshop coming up July 28 - 31, 2022. Learn advanced medical exercise training concepts from the comfort of your home or studio. This 4-day workshop is the most detailed and comprehensive workshop available for medical exercise/fitness professionals. We will use MET client case studies to present and apply the information in this workshop. 


Our AMES first case study looks at Mrs. Jacobs. A client referred following a left total hip replacement along with congestive heart failure, hypertension and patello-femoral syndrome. The first workshop session will review how to take a thorough medical history as a MES. Here's our first case study:


We will teach you how to take a detailed medical history rather than using the PAR-Q. Working with MET clients required a more detailed medical history than those seeking personal training. The medical history is the first step in MANAGING A MEDICAL CONDITION WITH EXERCISE...rather than just giving a client with a medical condition an exercise program. These are two different things. The AMES will help you completely make the transition from personal trainer to Medical Exercise Specialist.


Make the complete transition to medical exercise professional by registering for the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Virtual Workshop. Click here to register!!

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