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CALLING ALL MEDICAL EXERCISE PROFESSIONALS!! I know you're seeing more medical exercise training (MET) clients and receiving more referrals from medical professionals. All is well with your medical exercise training practice and you’re looking forward to building referral relationships in 2023. But many of your new MET clients are far more challenging than you expected. Let’s be honest, you aren’t fully prepared to manage and train some of these clients?

That's why we established the Medical Exercise Specialist Master's Training Series! The MES Master's Training Series starts January 5th, 2023. The Masters is designed to help you learn to better manage these complicated and challenging MET clients. The Masters will use a series of “medical exercise case studies”. The case studies are presented by medical exercise professionals (MedXPROs) and medical professionals from around the world. The MedXPRO will share their most challenging clients' medical history, medical procedures performed, treatments undergone, current medications and the exercise program implemented. Then, the Masters group will discuss it to optimize and client's outcome.

The MES Masters starts Thursday, January 5th, 2023, at 9 pm Eastern. The Masters meets every other Thursday evening and will present a challenging MET case study each session. MedXPROs and medical professionals worldwide will present their clients. These case studies will give you a greater understanding of how to manage these medical conditions to successful outcomes. This will also help you better understand what you need to manage, assess, and train with your MET client.

The MES Masters group will review each case study and the different options for medical exercise assessment and exercise programming. This will help establish medical exercise training standards, guidelines, and best practices for Medical Exercise Specialists worldwide. The Masters will help you better manage your clients, produce better outcomes, and have a better understanding of how to apply exercise to manage any medical condition. The MES Masters series is nothing like anything you’ve seen before in the fitness industry.

The MES Masters series includes two live MET case study sessions per month; a monthly MET marketing session; and a monthly office hours session during which you can ask questions about anything related to the management of your clients, pricing, marketing, and business development. The monthly marketing session will review strategies to attract more medical referrals and more clients to your practice. Each Masters session is recorded and posted in the MedXPRO Network.

Register now for the MES Masters training series. I guarantee this series will move you 20 years ahead on the medical exercise training learning curve. As part of our MES Masters series receive full access to the MedXPRO Network. You also receive our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) e-Manual (1130 pages) which contains medical exercise training guidelines, protocols, step-by-step MET assessment procedures, and best practices to build your business. Because the AMES e-Manual is digital, you receive updates as long as you are a MedXPRO Network member. The AMES Emanual is referenced throughout the MES Masters training series.

REGISTER NOW!!! Use the link below to register now for the Medical Exercise Specialist Masters Training Series. Register before December 23rd and take advantage of our MES Masters “Early Bird” discount. Just click the link below!!!


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