Medical Exercise Client........What Types of Conditions Will I Train??


Navigating the World of Medical Exercise Training: MET 101 - Tip 4

In the fourth tip of the MET 101 series, fitness professionals are guided through the diverse landscape of client types they may encounter in their practice, emphasizing the critical role of comprehensive assessments and the importance of experience in medical settings.


Key Insights from MET 101 - Tip 4:

  • Diverse Clientele: Fitness professionals may work with clients having a range of conditions, from neurological disorders like strokes, MS, and Parkinson's to cardiovascular issues and musculoskeletal disorders.
  • The Importance of Observation: Gaining experience through observation hours in sports medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic settings, or rehab facilities is crucial.
  • Comprehensive MET Assessments: Before initiating any exercise program, conducting a thorough medical history interview and assessment is vital. This includes evaluating strength, function, flexibility, endurance, stability, coordination, and balance.
  • Identifying Red Flags: Fitness professionals transitioning to medical exercise training must be adept at identifying red flags that may require further medical services or referrals to physicians, physical therapists, or chiropractors.
  • Awareness in the Gym Setting: Not everyone who goes to the gym is there for fitness purposes alone. Some may need medical exercise services, highlighting the need for proper assessment and screening.


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