Medical Exercise Career Success Path - Growth


GROWTH….this is the stage every medical exercise professionals wants to get to as quickly as possible, This is where everyone wants be. A growing, thriving practice with referrals coming in and high revenue is the goal. Only 10% of medical exercise professionals get to this stage. This stage is the most elusive and difficult to reach for a number of reasons.

By the time you get to this stage you have a SPECIALIZATION and you passed through the MANAGEMENT stage so you can produce positive functional outcomes for your clients; you have learned the APPLICATION of the skills you learned in the MES or PRCS workshops from which you established a strong FOUNDATION. So now its on to GROWTH. Without passing through the previous four stages, you wouldnt be here. GROWTH can only come from passing through the other four. This is the same in every profession. You can’t shortcut it….you’ve got to do the work and put in the time. But it’s great because now you start in enjoy all your hard work.

Now it’s all about using your skills in your specialty area to produce outcomes. You have been around long enough to receive referrals by both word of mouth and your marketing strategy/tactics. Your outcomes are attracting clients and you feel GREAT!! You’re helping people. This stage is about the business side of MET.

This is the time you start attending marketing and business workshops. You are obtaining new skills in practice management and basic business administration. Payroll, taxes, marketing, leasing, equipment acquistion, marketing, employee relations, fees and marketing are you focus now. You may not see quite as many clients now because you have to keep the practice going. You have an associate(s) to see clients. Things are growing!!

Referral relationships are good and growing. Physicians and therapists you could’t get a referral from in the past are now sending clients. And they are good paying clients!!

But you still have know your numbers. How much does it cost to deliver your service to a client? This is known to most practice owners as “your number”. If you don’t know your practice numbers you are lost. You’re shooting in the dark and regardless of how good you are at producing outcomes, if your numbers are bad the practice is floundering. GROWTH is all about the numbers!!

This stage offers a tremendous amount of satisfaction!! GROWTH is where you have strived to be….now you’re here. Enjoy it!!

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