Embracing Home-Based MET: MET 101 Tip 23


Embracing Home-Based MET: MET 101 Tip 23

Tip 23 from the Medical Exercise Training (MET) 101 eBook series focuses on the growing demand for home-based medical exercise services. As the population ages, more seniors are seeking personalized exercise training to maintain and improve their mobility. This shift is driven by the increasing number of seniors exhausting their physical therapy benefits and needing continuous exercise support.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Rising Demand: The need for home-based MET services is expanding, with many seniors and limited mobility clients benefiting from this approach.
  2. Necessary Equipment: Providing effective home-based services requires minimal yet essential equipment such as a Swiss ball, exercise mat, rubber tubing, step, gait belt, and dumbbells.
  3. Importance of Hypertension Monitoring: Professionals must check clients' blood pressure before each session to ensure safety, especially for those with hypertension.
  4. Market Opportunities: Home-based MET services offer significant opportunities, including working in nursing homes and senior independent living facilities.
  5. Success Stories: Highlighting successful practitioners, like Yllli Bilani, MES, who provides MET services in independent living facilities, underscores the potential for growth in this field.

The video emphasizes home-based services' critical role in promoting seniors' independence and encourages MET professionals to incorporate this component into their practice. For more insights and practical tips, download the free MET 101 eBook at: www.MET101eBook.com.


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