Defining the Scope of Medical Exercise Training: MET 101 - Tip 5


Key Insights from MET101 - Tip 5: 

In "MET101 - Tip 5," Dr. Mike delves into the nuances of medical exercise training (MET), distinguishing it from physical therapy. This video is a crucial resource for professionals in the medical exercise field, offering clarity on the role and scope of medical exercise training.

Medical Exercise vs. Physical Therapy: Dr. Mike emphasizes that medical exercise training is not medical care, and it is distinct from and should not be confused with physical therapy. MET focuses on managing the residual functional deficits associated with chronic conditions and does not involve medical treatment or terms like "patient" or "therapy."

Understanding the Stages of Care: Physical therapy is crucial in the acute, subacute, and chronic stages to reduce inflammation and restore function. In contrast, medical exercise training is more focused primarily on managing chronic conditions, due to the reduction in licensed therapy services due to insurance cutbacks. 

Assessment and Red Flags: It's vital for medical exercise professionals to assess clients thoroughly and be aware of red flags to ensure they are medically stable before initiating exercise programs. Some clients may require a referral back to physical therapy. 

Scope of Practice: Understanding the limitations and scope of practice as a medical exercise professional is essential. There is a significant overlap of exercise techniques used in the chronic stage between medical exercise professionals and physical therapists, but there is a clear distinction in roles and scopes.

Collaboration with Physical Therapists: Physical therapists can be a significant referral source. It's important to articulate your scope of practice clearly and establish a good rapport with physical therapists in your community.

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