Can You Define Medical Exercise Training.....MET 101 Tip 1


Discover the Essence of Medical Exercise Training with MET 101 Ebook - Tip 1

In the first tip of the MET 101 Ebook series, Dr. Mike delves into the core concept of Medical Exercise Training (MET). This insightful video is a must-watch for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of MET and its distinct role in the health and fitness industry.


Key Takeaways from MET 101 Tip 1:

  • Defining MET: MET is distinctly different from personal training, physical therapy, or any healthcare treatment. It focuses on developing safe and effective exercise programs for clients with medical conditions.
  • Components of MET: The approach includes strength training, flexibility training, cardiovascular training, aquatic training, balance training, functional conditioning, lifestyle education, and MET assessments.
  • Functional Outcome Measures (FOMs): MET utilizes FOMs like blood pressure, blood glucose values, range of motion, muscle strength testing, and cholesterol levels to gauge the effectiveness of exercise programs. These measures are universally recognized and crucial for tracking client progress.
  • Collaboration and Understanding: MET professionals must collaborate with the medical community and understand medical terminology and parameters. This collaboration ensures the effectiveness of exercise programs for clients transitioning from healthcare services to independent exercise and wellness programs.
  • Structured and Safe Approach: MET involves a structured protocol-based exercise program, focusing on specific muscle groups and activities to improve clients' functional levels without providing medical treatment.


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