Are You Sure Your Client's Pain......Is Muscle or Posture??


Medical exercise training and corrective exercise are growing rapidly. It’s important to make sure both concepts are used appropriately. Many clients may report pain and discomfort to their fitness professional. In many instances, the immediate response is to think of an exercise to manage the discomfort. Obviously, the personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist or medical exercise professional cannot diagnose. But there should be some process to determine if the client should seek medical care.

In the corrective execise realm the response may be to put the client through a screening to determine what exercise will manage the discomfort or the accompanying muscular imbalance. We need to start thinking beyond muscular and postural imbalances as the source of client pain and discomfort. In many cases, these non-muscular/postural sources of discomfort are not considered by the corrective exercise specialist or personal trainer.

In the METI – Medical Exercise Specialist workshop students are exposed to the possibilities other sources may be the cause of the client’s discomfort. This blog post will review the four possible pain sources: 1) nerve compromise; 2) joint dysfunction; 3) organic lesion and/or 4) muscular/postural involvement. Please share your experience(s) when a source, other than muscle or posture, was determined to be the cause of your client’s discomfort.

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