5 Ways to Make Medical Exercise Training More Affordable

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2019

Medical exercise professionals are doing a great job managing medical conditions with exercise but are we providing services to all the clients in need of medical exercise training (MET)? Many clients are not financially able to access MET services. In this blog post, Dr Mike discusses five ways to make MET services more affordable. The options are:

  1. MET Group Training – this allows a more affordable option to deliver MET services. MET group training consists of a small group of exercise participants (<10) with similar medical conditions participating in a group exercise class. The class focuses on the exercise needs based on the medical condition as well as avoiding contraindicated activities in the conditioning programs. The group classes focus on a particular group of related medical conditions. This allows the exercise class to focus on the specific needs of the condition(s) and thereby improve function of the participants.
  2. MET Online Training – this allows the client a more affordable price point but the client must complete an in-person assessment as well as at least one in-person training session. Online training certainly can offer the client a more affordable solution. Those clients with significant involvement may not do well with online training. Some conditions and exercise techniques require hands-on management. Don’t make the mistake of thinking ALL MET clients are appropriate for online training. Also, make sure you have the appropriate training and certifications not only for online training but also for medical exercise training.
  3. MET Interns – utilization of medical interns and residents are the backbone of the North American health care system. Without interns and residents our health care system would grind to a halt. Interns and residents do a lot of the “grunt” work in hospitals but it provides an excellent learning opportunity. The utilization of these new medical providers works well for everyone. The same can occur in a MET facility. Medical exercise training is the new emerging field in fitness. There are tons of students that would love to get an early start to their career and work as a MET intern while finishing their last year of college. This allows the MET facility to offer MET services to clients at a more reasonable rate. But understand….the MET intern must be supervised by an experienced, appropriately trained and certified Medical Exercise Specialist.
  4. Medical Memberships – the use of medical memberships has been around a long time but they are now growing in popularity. Medical memberships offer MET clients a cheaper option to access post rehab services. Before purchasing a medical membership every client must demonstrate safety with their exercise regimen. Also, ONLY graduates of one-on-one MET services, MET group training or MET lifestyle education workshops are eligible for medical memberships. Medical memberships with no prior exercise consultation or supervision sets the stage for injury, limited outcomes and low retention. Don’t use medical memberships without proper supervision and training.
  5. The Wellness Initiative – simply put, this is your way of making MET service more affordable without using the term “discount”. The Initiative is based on the client’s ability to pay within their means. This is a win – win and it allows the Medical Exercise Specialist to give back to the community as well as being the community’s leader in health and wellness.

The need for MET will grow exponentially over the next two decades. No longer can Medical Exercise Specialists cherry pick and work with only high income clients. MET services are needed in every community regardless of socio-economics. These options allow you to tailor MET pricing in a manner that allows flexibility and compassion. If you have questions about establishing MET options in your practice or facility please send your email to: [email protected].

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