What is the MES Masters Training Series?


So, you probably want to know what the MES Master's Training Series is all about. Well, let's start with what is a master class? A master class is given to students of a particular discipline by an expert or experts of that discipline during which professional skills, knowledge, and strategies are developed.


The discipline is medical exercise training (MET) or you may call it medical fitness training (MFT). Our experts will be Medical Exercise Specialists or medical professionals from around the world. They will share with you their most challenging clients via a live Zoom session.  Wherever you are around the world, you'll be able to participate and ask questions of the experts presenting their most challenging MET clients.


In this Masters training you'll learn the skills, knowledge and strategies necessary to manage a wide range of medical exercise training or medical fitness clients. This series will in turn increase your overall level of professionalism,...

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Medical Exercise Training is NOT THERAPY

I received this comment this morning on our Medical Exercise Specialist “Facebook” page. This is a long-time concern I have with the fitness industry since we started the MES in 1994. As the industry promotes more collaboration with medical professionals, we should also be very cognizant of the laws related to the use of terms and titles in the medical community.


This is the initial comment: “Doc, you should change the title of your Medical Exercise Specialist to Medical Exercise Therapist, instead.”


My response: "The use of the title - Medical Exercise Therapist would be inappropriate. In the majority of states here in the US, the use of “therapist” in a title is illegal without passing a state licensing exam. It is also unethical because "therapist" denotes a medical treatment being provided. The Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) nor any other fitness-based certified professional provides any aspect of medical treatment. The MES...

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Medical Exercise Specialist - What is Your Most Important Skill?


Hey Medical Exercise Specialist! What is the most important skill you possess as a medical exercise profession? Is it your ability to come up with creative exercise programming? Is it your understanding of dozens of different methods to strengthen the bicep, the quadricep, or the hamstring? Is it your ability to use the foam roller? Is it your understanding of anatomy? Or is it your ability to perform a thorough and effective assessment of the medical exercise training client? Which one is it?


I've taught the Medical Exercise Specialists (MES) around the world since our first MES workshop in July 1994. This is our 28th year and we are seeing a change in the medical exercise training client. This is due to the reduction in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and chiropractic services. With clients receiving less rehab services, they now arrive at your medical exercise doorstep in need of more specific and challenging exercise management for their medical condition.


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Medical Exercise Specialist - Medical History or PAR-Q??


Hello again Medical Exercise Specialists. Don't forget about our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Virtual Workshop coming up July 28 - 31, 2022. Learn advanced medical exercise training concepts from the comfort of your home or studio. This 4-day workshop is the most detailed and comprehensive workshop available for medical exercise/fitness professionals. We will use MET client case studies to present and apply the information in this workshop. 


Our AMES first case study looks at Mrs. Jacobs. A client referred following a left total hip replacement along with congestive heart failure, hypertension and patello-femoral syndrome. The first workshop session will review how to take a thorough medical history as a MES. Here's our first case study:


We will teach you how to take a detailed medical history rather than using the PAR-Q. Working with MET clients required a more detailed medical history than those seeking personal training. The medical history is the...

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7 Top Medical Exercise Training Skills


Medical Exercise Specialists, numerous times I have mentioned establishing competence and confidence in MET skills. Through conversations with MET instructors and experienced MESs we have identified the 7 most important skills every MedXPRO must demonstrate skill. Listen as Dr Mike outlines these 7 top skills. 

The 7 Top MET Skills are:

Please grade your MET skills by completing the MedXPRO Skills Checklist:


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AMES VIRTUAL Workshop is Coming!


The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop - July 28 - 31, 2022 is SOLDOUT!! Register now for the VIRTUAL Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop!! This is the most comprehensive workshop for medical exercise/fitness professionals available anywhere. It’s ONLY $500!!

What you'll get:

  • Attendance at 4-day Virtual AMES Workshop
  • AMES Virtual Workshop Manual
  • AMES Workshop Recordings
  • AMES Professional Resources
  • 1-year MedXPRO Network Membership

This version of the AMES workshop is totally virtual. Attend from the comfort of your home or studio. We will broadcast the virtual AMES via Zoom. Recordings will upload within 24 hours to a private AMES workshop members site. You will receive an email with all the info to access this site.

Click HERE to register!!

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