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Medical Exercise Program Director

The Medical Exercise Program Director is the highest-level certification the Medical Exercise Training Institute offers. As health/fitness and medical facilities implement medical exercise programs to address the growing needs of baby boomers and those with chronic medical conditions, the need for Medical Exercise Program Directors will grow to manage, develop and market these facilities.
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METI Mission Statement

To "Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness" by providing forums to educate fitness professionals to work cooperatively with medical professionals to develop safe and effective fitness and conditioning programs for clients with musculoskeletal, neurological, metabolic and cardiovascular conditions. The effectiveness of these fitness programs is based on functional outcome measures universally understood by medical professionals, fitness professionals and insurance carriers. The goal is to make medical exercise training the next logical step for clients and medical professionals after discharge from physical therapy, chiropractic care and medical care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about the PRCS certification.

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What is the role of the MEPD?
  • Develop, manage, administer and market the medical exercise program or facility in any setting.
  • Serve of the liaison between the medical community and the medical exercise program.
  • Serve of the primary teacher and developer of continuing education for the medical exercise staff.
  • Educate medical professionals on the benefits of exercise for medical conditions.
  • Supervise the medical exercise training of all clients in the MET facility referred by medical professionals.
  • Continually promote and represent the MET facility at meetings, conferences, health fairs, etc.
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What will I learn in the MEPD training?

We recently updated the MEPD curriculum to include our “Medical Exercise Training Systems” (METS) training.

METS provides the MEPD with the step by step guidelines to install practice management systems in every aspect of the MET facility or practice.

Whether is a large hospital-based facility or your own private MET practice, the METS systems are necessary to build and maintain a successful MET program.

You will also have access to the 16 MEPD Clinical modules.

These modules allow you to increase your skills in the areas of ergonomics, pharmacology and advanced medical exercise assessments of the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, spine as well as gait and balance.

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What is required to obtain the MEPD Certification?
  • Review each MEPD clinical module and complete the accompanying examination and/or case study.
  • Complete the homework assignments from the METS teleseminars
  • Develop and submit a business plan for a fictitious medical exercise/post rehab facility. The plan must include marketing, equipment acquisition, facility layout, administrative procedures and staff guidelines.
  • Develop a presentation on a medical exercise/post rehab related topic, including handouts. The presentation must be delivered to a live audience of post rehab professionals – this presentation must be recorded and submitted to METI for review.
  • Participate in a 90-minute “Practice Checklist/Marketing Review” session with Dr Mike.
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What are the opportunities for MEPDs?

The career opportunities for MEPDs are endless.

With the rapid growth of MET expected over the next 20 years, there will be a shortage of MEPDs’.

One of our MEPDs directs medical exercise training for the 14 World Health Clubs in Alberta, Canada; another coordinates the medical exercise and wellness program for a large northern New Jersey hospital system; many own their own facilities and a couple now operate multiple MET facilities.

With the MEPD certification a similar career can be yours. MEPDs are found in hospital-based fitness centers, private health clubs, physical therapy and sportsmed clinics and chiropractic offices.

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How do I know the MEPD is for me?

To determine if the MEPD is for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have strong leadership skills?
  • Am I innovative and creative in my approach to fitness programs?
  • Is my passion for medical exercise/post rehab fitness not only towards helping clients improve function, but also towards enhancing the professional development of other post rehab professionals?
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Medical Exercise Workshops

Register for our 2-day Medical Exercise Workshops including Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series, Medical Exercise Specialist Advanced Skills, and Medical Exercise Jumpstart workshops.
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Join the only community dedicated exclusively to Medical Exercise Specialists... MedXPRO360!! MXP360 will take you to the next level with your medical exercise training skills and practice.

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