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Medical Exercise Specialist Mastermind Business Blueprint Accelerator

The Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) Mastermind Business Blueprint is an exclusive, cutting-edge, professional skills, business development, practice growth, and coaching program designed exclusively for medical exercise and healthcare professionals to help you accelerate your practice to success. The mastermind group brings together a small, elite community of individuals committed to advancing their careers, enhancing their business practices, connecting with medical professionals, and improving client outcomes. This is the ideal platform for Medical Exercise Specialists seeking to transition their business into a robust and thriving MET practice.

The MES Mastermind starts August 11th at 10 AM ET/7 AM PT. This is a 6-month Mastermind that concludes on January 12th, 2025. Each participant will join the monthly Mastermind group session on Sunday mornings at 10 AM ET and an individual one-on-one session with your MES Mastermind coach, focusing on your practice needs. The individual sessions run for one hour to thoroughly discuss your needs and strategy. Read on for more information.

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METI Mission Statement

To "Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness" by providing forums to educate fitness professionals to work cooperatively with medical professionals to develop safe and effective fitness and conditioning programs for clients with musculoskeletal, neurological, metabolic, and cardiovascular conditions. The effectiveness of these fitness programs is based on functional outcome measures universally understood by medical professionals, fitness professionals, and insurance carriers. The goal is to make medical exercise training the next logical step for clients and medical professionals after discharge from physical therapy, chiropractic, and medical care.

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What is a Mastermind?

The Mastermind was coined by Napoleon Hill in 1925. The concept has been used by business leaders such as Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie. A mastermind group is a collective of like-minded individuals (in this case medical exercise professionals (MedExPROs) from around the world), typically business owners, entrepreneurs, or professionals, who come together regularly to share insights, offer mutual support, challenge each other, and hold one another accountable for achieving personal, business and professional goals. The concept is rooted in the idea that the collective intelligence and experiences of a group far exceed those of any individual member, thereby providing a richer, more diverse pool of resources from which to draw advice, strategies, and inspiration.

In addition to the mastermind concept, MES Mastermind uses coaching, both group and individual, to help medical exercise business owners transition to the development of a strong, thriving, and profitable medical exercise practice. Coaching, in conjunction with a Mastermind, is the most powerful combination a business owner can use to build a strong enterprise.

You may ask, ‚ÄúWhy should I enroll in the mastermind, instead of getting a coach‚ÄĚ? A mastermind group takes coaching to the next level. Not only will you receive monthly one-on-one individual coaching sessions with MES coaches, you also have access to the collective knowledge and experience of your fellow mastermind participants. Remember, ‚Äúmultiple brains masterminding is always better than one‚ÄĚ.

Read on to learn more about the most effective program to ‚ÄúBridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness‚ÄĚ.

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Mastermind Goals & Objectives

The primary objective of the MES Mastermind is to provide a supportive, resource-rich environment that fosters professional growth,  innovative, profitable and sustainable practices/businesses for MES participants. The goals of the MES Business Mastermind include:

  1. Professional Growth: Enhance your client management skills and knowledge in the medical exercise field.
  2. Networking and Collaboration: Create opportunities to connect and collaborate with fellow medical exercise professionals.
  3. Innovation in Practice: Adopt cutting-edge practices and techniques in medical exercise.
  4. Profitable Practices/Businesses: Establish business systems and paths to profitable and lasting medical exercise practices.
  5. Accountability and Support: The network of mastermind members ensures mutual support and accountability towards professional goals.
  6. Establish Medical Referrals: Develop an approach to establish referral relationships with medical professionals.
  7. Medical Exercise Training Future: Get clarity on the future of medical exercise including insurance reimbursement and other opportunities to integrate with the healthcare system.
  8. Clarity, Systems and Goals: At the conclusion of the Mastermind, each participant will have clarity on the direction and goals for their practice; have implemented management systems in key areas of the practice and have a marketing plan to continually reach more clients and attract referrals.
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Mastermind Structure and Content

The MES Mastermind provides a unique structure and method to help mastermind participants evolve their skills and practices. The MES Mastermind is unlike anything in the medical exercise arena. This program is designed for medical exercise professionals looking to become elite. The structure and content include:

  1. Group Meetings: Monthly group virtual sessions, 90 minutes each, featuring discussions, expert talks, and topic exploration.
  2. Individual Coaching Sessions: Monthly one on one 90-minute virtual session giving you the chance to work on your specific practice growth needs.
  3. Facilitation: Guidance from experienced medical exercise coaches and guest specialists.
  4. Exclusive Membership: Limited to 12 members to ensure quality interaction and attention.
  5. Diverse Topics: Covering business strategy, marketing, latest trends, case studies, and financial management, assessment guidelines and practice management systems.
  6. Accountability: Individual goal setting with peer-to-peer accountability.
  7. Resource Sharing: Access to a comprehensive digital library.
  8. Community Networking: An exclusive online forum and opportunities for in-person events.
  9. Confidentiality: A secure environment for open sharing.
  10. Feedback and Adaptation: Regular sessions for program evolution.
  11. Success Measurement: Regular assessments of member progress and shared success stories.
  12. Practice Development and Management Blueprint: at the conclusion, each participant has a master plan for their practice to follow to success!!
  13. On-Site Facility Review and MES Summit in Houston: Personalized onsite facility visits by Dr. Mike to each participant’s facility, as well as a hands-on MES Summit in Houston.
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How the Mastermind Works?

The MES Mastermind is a unique program designed to foster individual growth and collective success among medical exercise business owners. By participating, you'll join monthly group sessions where everyone shares their goals, challenges, and strategies. This collaborative environment not only holds you accountable but also enriches your journey with insights and advice from peers. Imagine a roundtable where the collective wisdom of experienced medical exercise professionals helps you refine your approach, ensuring your monthly objectives align with your overarching ambitions. This synergy is what makes the Mastermind far more effective than navigating the complex landscape of medical exercise on your own.

Beyond group interactions, the program offers personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced MES Mastermind coaches. These sessions delve deep into your specific challenges and aspirations, crafting tailored strategies that propel both you and your business forward. It's an opportunity to concentrate on the nuances of your practice and make significant strides towards your goals in a focused setting.

Additionally, participants gain access to the MES Masters training series, a bi-monthly forum discussing real-world medical exercise training cases from across the globe, enhancing your client management skills. By the end of the MES Mastermind, you'll not only have a clearer path to achieving your goals but also a detailed plan for carving out your niche, attracting more clients, and building strong connections with the medical community. Under the guidance of Dr. Michael Jones, a pioneer with three decades of experience in establishing medical exercise as a profession, you're set to transform your practice into a thriving, efficient, and highly regarded business within the medical exercise field. Join the MES Mastermind to elevate your practice to the pinnacle of success in medical exercise training.

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Who Should Join the MES Mastermind?

Whether you're an experienced medical exercise or health professional or just starting out, this mastermind offers a pathway to elevate your practice, network with other medical exercise owners, and gain insights into integrating in the healthcare arena and business strategies. It's a comprehensive approach to professional development, tailored for Medical Exercise Specialists.

The ideal candidate for the MES Mastermind is a dedicated medical exercise professional who is keen on advancing their career and business practice. This individual typically possesses the following attributes and qualifications:

  1. Experienced Professional: They have 2 or more years of experience in the medical exercise field, possibly holding certifications such as Medical Exercise Specialist, Medical Fitness Specialist, or Corrective Exercise Specialist, etc.
  2. Aspiring to Grow: They are at a stage in their career where they are looking to transition from general fitness and personal training to specialized medical exercise training. This indicates a desire for more profound professional development and a commitment to higher service standards.
  3. Business-Oriented: The candidate is either currently running a medical exercise business or is aspiring to start one. They should have an entrepreneurial mindset with a focus on developing and implementing sustainable business models.
  4. Eager for Networking and Collaboration: Ideal participants are those who value and actively seek networking opportunities with healthcare professionals and peers in the medical exercise field.
  5. Committed to Learning: They have a strong inclination towards continual learning and professional development. This includes a willingness to engage in advanced training programs, workshops, and seminars.
  6. Focused on Client Outcomes: A deep commitment to improving client outcomes is essential. This includes an understanding of how to manage and enhance functional capacities of clients with various medical conditions.
  7. Interested in Innovation and Trends: They are always on the lookout for innovative practices and techniques in medical exercise and are keen to stay abreast of the latest trends and research.
  8. Seeking Peer Support and Accountability: The candidate appreciates the value of being part of a supportive community that offers accountability and mutual growth opportunities.
  9. Prepared for Leadership Roles: For those aspiring to leadership positions, such as running a medical exercise program, the mastermind offers the necessary skills and connections.
  10. Insurance and Healthcare System Navigation: Ideally, they are interested in learning about insurance reimbursement processes and integrating their practice into healthcare provider networks.
  11. Values Confidentiality and Professional Integrity: The candidate must value and adhere to the confidentiality required in a group setting, ensuring a safe and trusting environment for all members.
  12. Ready for Practical Application: They should be willing to apply learned concepts practically, including participating in on-site reviews and hands-on sessions.
  13. Looking to the Future: They are looking to understand future opportunities in medical exercise and alignment with the healthcare system.

If this sounds like you and you have these goals, you will benefit most from the MES Mastermind program and contribute meaningfully to the collective success of the group. Join us for the MES Mastermind.

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Post Mastermind Outcomes

After participating in the MES Mastermind, members can expect:

  1. - Enhanced business acumen and an expanded professional network.
  2. - Improved client management skills and advanced MET methodologies and technologies.
  3. - Greater confidence in integrating their practice within the healthcare industry.
  4. - Increased opportunities for collaboration and referrals.
  5. - A clear pathway for continual professional growth and development.

Advantages of a Mastermind Over Educational Workshops

Unlike traditional business and skills workshops, a mastermind group offers ongoing support, accountability, and real-time problem-solving with peers and experts. This continuous engagement fosters deeper learning, more sustainable professional development, and better opportunities for business growth.

Coaching + Mastermind

The mastermind emphasizes one-on-one and group coaching over consulting. Coaching empowers participants to discover solutions and strategies themselves, guided by expert facilitators. Coaching fosters a more interactive, participatory learning environment, leading to more profound personal and professional growth. Participants learn not just to apply ready-made solutions, but to develop the skills and insights needed to tackle challenges independently, fostering long-term empowerment and growth.

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Why the MES Mastermind Stands Out?

MES Mastermind is not just another professional group. It's a transformative journey designed to align your practice with the evolving healthcare industry. Emphasizing clinical collaboration, understanding medical conditions, and building a referral network, this mastermind is a leap toward a more credible, sustainable, and impactful practice model. The transition from medical exercise business to practice is key to standing out in your community.  The Mastermind helps you make the shift. A medical exercise practice is by far the best option for a medical exercise professional to attract medical referrals and lifelong clients. 

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Here's Your Mastermind Coach


Meet your¬†MES Mastermind Accelerator Coach, Dr. Michael Jones, affectionately known as Dr. Mike. A pioneer in the field, Dr. Mike introduced the world to the first Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) workshop and certification back in 1994. With a robust career spanning over 39 years as a Howard University graduate and former owner of eight thriving physical therapy clinics, his expertise is unmatched. Following his early retirement, Dr. Mike dedicated his life to advancing the Medical Exercise Specialist field, empowering professionals to create strong, profitable, and impactful practices. What Dr. Mike values most is not the creation of the certification itself but witnessing the real-world success it brings to MESs‚ÄĒenabling them to support their families comfortably through their skilled practice.

Dr. Mike's coaching focuses on essential pillars to elevate your practice:

  • Clarity: Emphasizing the importance of a clear vision to avoid practice chaos.
  • Practice Systems: Outlining the intricate systems and procedures critical for a successful medical exercise practice.
  • Specialization: Guiding you to focus on a few key areas to consistently draw in and retain clients.
  • Marketing: Developing targeted marketing strategies distinct from traditional fitness services to attract your ideal clients and build strong referral networks.
  • Medical Relationships: Teaching you to forge valuable connections with healthcare providers, ensuring a steady flow of client referrals.
  • Execution: The cornerstone of the mastermind, moving beyond mere planning to actual, impactful action.

If you're ready to transform your practice from a cycle of endless hustling into a flourishing enterprise with consistent medical referrals, Dr. Mike's MES Mastermind is your stepping stone. His three decades of experience have seen numerous professionals thrive, building practices that are not just viable but prosperous. Joining the MES Mastermind could be the most significant step you take for your practice, your family, and ultimately, your future. With Dr. Mike's expertise and your dedication, success is within reach. Join the MES Mastermind and let Dr. Mike guide you to the next level of your career.

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Move from a Business to a Practice!!

Join Us!!

The MES Mastermind Blueprint Accelerator starts August 11th! We are taking ONLY 12 MES Mastermind participants. This is the biggest step you’ll take toward a bigger and better career as a Medical Exercise Professional and practice owner. As the Baby Boomers age, medical exercise training will grow exponentially for the next two decades. Register and start immediately with a one-on-one Practice Clarity and Assessment Session with Dr Mike within 24 hours of sign-up and immediate access to the MES Network and the MES Masters series. Join us in the mastermind and take advantage of the opportunities available in medical exercise training.

Here's What's In the MES Mastermind!!

Join Us!!

Join the Mastermind and unlock the full potential of your medical exercise practice with the MES Mastermind Blueprint Accelerator. This program is unparalleled in the industry for its comprehensive suite of resources and benefits. Designed specifically for medical exercise professionals aiming to refine their practice, this mastermind offers a clear roadmap for building, managing, and marketing your business effectively. By joining, you're not just investing in your future; you're gaining immediate access to a wealth of knowledge and support tailored to elevate your career. The Mastermind is modestly priced at $2100 with a 30% discount if making one payment. Here’s what you get immediately when you join the MES Mastermind:

  • Personalized Coaching: Direct 90-minute one-on-one sessions with Dr. Mike and experienced¬†MES coaches.
  • Collaborative Learning: Monthly group coaching sessions fostering a supportive learning environment.
  • Exclusive Community Access: 6-month¬†MES Network membership, connecting you with a network of peers and industry leaders.
  • Resource Library: Unlimited access to an extensive digital library of resources.
  • Peer Accountability: Be paired with a peer for mutual support and accountability.
  • Enhanced Networking: Opportunities to engage in exclusive networking events and community interactions.
  • Expert Insights: Participate in Q&A sessions with guest speakers and industry experts.
  • Advanced Education: Access to MES Masters Training series and other advanced educational content.
  • Ongoing Mentorship: Weekly check-ins and progress reviews for continuous support.
  • Onsite Coaching: Opportunities for Dr. Mike to visit your facility, offering personalized advice on practice enhancement.
  • MES¬†Summit: An invite to the¬†MES Summit in Houston, a chance to meet and learn from successful¬†MES business owners.

Embark on a transformative journey with the MES Mastermind Blueprint Accelerator and lay the foundation for a thriving, sustainable medical exercise practice. Whether you're seeking to deepen your knowledge, expand your network, or revolutionize your business strategies, this mastermind equips you with the tools for success. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your career and impact the lives of those you serve. Join now and experience the power of collaborative growth and professional excellence.

The MES Mastermind offers 3 payment options. Use one of the options below and register. ONLY 12 seats are available!!

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