Medical Exercise Specialist Podcast 2022 - Episode 4 - Part 3

In this episode of the Medical Exercise Specialist Podcast, Darwin sits down with fellow Medical Exercise Specialist Israel Kirk to discuss the challenges fitness professionals often face when making the transition to Medical Exercise. Imposter syndrome, the fear of "not knowing it all", completing and managing client documentation, understanding your scope of practice, and other factors can all contribute to the three major challenges discussed in this episode:

1. Fear

2. Lack of Awareness

3. Hard Work

Darwin and Israel provide an overview of these three challenges. This episode is part of a series, and subsequent episodes will go more in-depth on each challenge while providing useful strategies you can use as you start your journey to becoming a Medical Exercise professional. You can also listen to previous episodes by going to You might like the video version of this podcast. Join our MedXPRO Network and get this and other podcast videos. Go to


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