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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency

Take Your MET Skills to the Next Level!

What you'll get:

  • 1 Year Immersion in Medical Exercise Training
  • Immediate Access to the AMES program modules
  • Participation in the AMES Client Management Sessions
  • Access to the AMES Professional Resources Library
  • Attendance at the 4-Day AMES Hands-on Workshop
  • Participation in AMES Office Hours
  • Recognition as a Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist upon completion
  • Access to AMES Online Community 
  • 10% Discount for 1 Payment

Join us in the AMES and prepare for the tremendous opportunities MET will offer over the next 20 years. 

What People Are Saying:

The AMES Residency Program was the most challenging learning experience I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to complete. Articles on Histology, Neurophysiology, and Traumatology were given to read in preparation for the course. This foundational knowledge was a great building block to a deeper understanding of the body's processes in understanding the impact of exercise. This course helped me focus on a systematic approach starting from the initial intake, to selecting key assessments, dosing of exercises, and communicating to medical professionals with reports. Shifting my mindset to critically think about function over exercise has changed my approach to program design for the better. The 4-day workshop was pivotal and tied together the information with the application. Literally walking, observing, and moving through the screenings, special tests, and gait patterns improved my confidence in knowing what to do, how to do it, and why! Concluding the program by presenting our case studies was a great way to put into action what we’ve learned. Knowing the condition, understanding the anatomy involved, functional limitations and demands, current and past treatment and medications decerning key assessments and exercises, and short- and long-term goals, not only helps us build an effective program but also allows us to communicate with our peers. Dr. Mike and Dr. Thrasher have been absolutely amazing in how they’ve helped me shift my mindset from personal trainer to medical exercise specialist. Every question was meant to provoke critical thinking and help focus on the details while communicating with concise brevity. I cannot thank them enough for all their time and effort invested in me and my fellow graduates! I highly recommend this program as well as the MES for anyone wanting to improve their skills and knowledge in managing medical conditions with exercise.

Justin Hibbert, BS, MES-A