$149.00 USD

MET Regional Guidelines

Transform Your Approach to Medical Exercise: An In-Depth Workshop on Upper and Lower Extremities, and Spinal Rehabilitation


Embark on a comprehensive journey through the world of Medical Exercise Training (MET) and post-rehabilitation practices, focused specifically on upper and lower extremities, as well as spinal care. This meticulously crafted workshop is divided into three distinct segments, each dedicated to a critical aspect of rehabilitation and exercise therapy. It's an essential resource for fitness professionals, physical therapists, and anyone invested in the intersection of exercise and rehabilitative sciences.

What You Gain:

Access to Three Detailed Video Workshop Recordings: Dive into each module at your own pace, revisiting complex topics as needed, to thoroughly understand the nuances of MET and post-rehabilitation strategies.

Expertly Designed Session Guides: Each segment comes with its own session guide, providing a structured approach to the learning material. These guides ensure you grasp each concept fully, helping you integrate this knowledge seamlessly into your practice.

Conditions Table for Targeted Learning: Every session features a meticulously organized conditions table. This valuable resource offers a quick-reference guide to various medical conditions, their implications for exercise, and the most effective training protocols.

Informative Session Slides: Supplement your learning with detailed slides that highlight key points and provide visual aids to enhance understanding. These slides are perfect for quick reviews and can serve as a handy reference during client consultations.

Your Takeaway:

These workshops are more than just presentations; they are a toolkit for practical application. The easy-to-understand tables and comprehensive guides double as indispensable "cheat sheets," providing on-the-spot information during client sessions. Whether you're in the gym, clinic, or developing client programs, these resources are invaluable.

Professional Development Credits:

Completing this workshop also contributes to your professional growth, offering 4.0 Contact Hours to maintain and enhance your credentials.

Ideal For:

This workshop is perfectly suited for professionals seeking a clear, yet comprehensive, overview of MET and post-rehabilitation guidelines. If you aim to elevate your practice with advanced knowledge and practical tools for handling a wide range of conditions affecting the extremities and spine, this workshop is your next step forward.