$199.00 USD

MAPPS - Medical Exercise Assessment, Progression and Protocol System

Master Medical Exercise Protocols with the MAPPS Workshop


Unveil the full potential of Medical Exercise Training (MET) with the MAPPS workshop, a comprehensive training module designed to elevate your professional capabilities. Learn intricate assessment procedures, exercise techniques, and professional guidelines through an immersive, step-by-step approach. This workshop is ideal for those who aspire to excel in applying MET protocols with proficiency and confidence.

What You Gain:

Five Engaging Video Recordings of the LIVE MAPPS Workshop: Experience the dynamic and insightful MAPPS workshop through detailed recordings. Each session is crafted to bring you closer to mastering MET protocols.

In-Depth MET Assessment Procedures: Gain a thorough understanding of how to assess conditions affecting the upper and lower extremities and the spine. These step-by-step guidelines ensure you accurately evaluate each client’s needs.

Progressive MET Guidelines: Learn how to develop and progress MET protocols for different stages of rehabilitation. Our guidelines offer clear direction for enhancing patient recovery and fitness.

Practical Post-Rehab Flowcharts: Equip yourself with user-friendly flowcharts that simplify the management of common medical conditions. These tools are invaluable for quick reference and decision-making.

Comprehensive MAPPS Manual (Digital Download): Receive the exclusive MAPPS manual in a convenient digital format, a treasure trove of information and guidance to reinforce your learning.

A Deep Dive into MET Mastery:

Dr. Mike's presentation in July 2001 at Comox, BC, Canada, stands as the most detailed exposition of the MET assessment, progression, and protocol system. Not only will you explore each aspect of the MET assessment process, but you’ll also understand how to advance clients through various stages and the nuances of running a successful MET practice.

Professional Development:

By engaging with this workshop, you earn 10 Contact Hours, significantly contributing to your ongoing professional development in the field of medical exercise.

Ideal For:

This workshop is a must-attend for fitness and rehabilitation professionals who are committed to reaching the zenith of MET application. Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your skills, the MAPPS workshop is your gateway to becoming an authority in medical exercise training.

This version aims to be more engaging, emphasizing the depth of knowledge and practical skills the workshop offers, while clearly outlining its structure and benefits.